October 18, 2012

[YOUTUBE]: My FIRST YouTube Video :O


I edited and uploaded this onto my YouTube channel last night.. but I didn't get the courage to make it public or share it anywhere. I just feel like it's really like a personal thing and I feel like I'm putting myself out there, being very vulnerable to criticism and harsh judgements. But then again, I thought to myself, there are so many people out there that love and adore me and that it is impossible to please everybody so I told myself, what the heck, just do it
My dearest babe, YanWen, advised me to upload it and only check back few days after.. lol! Knowing me I can't help myself but keep refreshing. hahaha. I'm just insecure like that.. This was a video I recorded back when I was in Malaysia getting ready to go out for lunch with my mom. 
I spotted this really simple makeup the whole time I was back in Malaysia. This look is mainly focused on my eyes and cuz back in Malaysia, I don't wear any foundation, but BB Cream with a super high SPF of 50! 
So without further adue, I present to you My Daily Eye Makeup Routine. Please do comment/like/share it and do subscribe to me if you'd like to see more videos :) 
Click here for the link to my channel. Pardon my username, I had this YouTube account since 2009 I believe and uhmm. yea.. haha can't be bothered to create a new channel so I stuck with it. 

Thanks for watching and being kind :)