October 28, 2012

[EVENT]: Halloween

Despite hating Justin Bieber so much, I'm seriously addicted to his song "As Long As You Love Me" omg.. KMN! lol but the tune is really catchy I can't deny that. Anyways, I've been struck with a series of unfortunate events. Don't know if it's due to me being old, or I am just unlucky and accident prone.

Headed for a Halloween event at Allumbra on Friday. Rushed to get ready right after I got off work. It was kinda last minute and I didn't even know what to dress up as. It wasn't like last year where I had planned long ago what I was going to dress up as. Read here, here, & here for my costume last year :D 

So yeah, anyways, this year, due to the time constriction, I ended up just going dressed super normally, but made up to look like a cat. I didn't even have the cat ears, so I was basically a cat-looking earless-cat-ears person. LOL! Hope that made sense. 

Ashley and Yinn were also made up to look like cats. However, they seemed pretty more skilled than I was and came out looking like lions instead. Super fierce!! It was a girls night out. Hadn't had that in a super long time. Enjoyed my night very much with my girls :) 

We saw ALOT of interesting costumes that night. Ironman, Assasin's Creed Altair, Joker, The Flash, Slenderman and tonnes and tonnes of zombies and skeleton-inspired costumes.


Yinn and Ashley

He was pretty popular with everyone in the club.
Not too sure if he was one of the promoters, but yeah, everyone was
practically lining up to take pictures with him..haha crazzy..


The Flash and Joker!


And I was sooo shocked and surprised to bump into Malaysia's YouTube celebrities from JINNYBOYTV productions! Jin and Reuben :O 




It was sooo much fun!! Too bad Allumbra closes early. They turned on the lights at about 3 I think? So we headed over to Maze for Round2! We were pretty beat and tired, but dropped by anyway since it was so close. The atmosphere at Maze had definitely died down, I mean it's only expected cuz it was close to closing time anyways.

Ivan and Peter

LOL! Peter is freakishly scary! Job well done on the get up. Too bad Ivan got out of his costume. haha if I remembered correctly, he looked pretty funny as a Cacao Green Mascot. LOL!! Overall had an amazing night, filling supper and had very enjoyable company. 

Till I got home that is..... I'm sooo used to bringing an extra pair of flats/sandals with me to change into right after clubbing. You know, cuz your feet gets super tired after all that dancing and walking in those killer heels? On the one time I didn't bring my spare flats, and persevered in my heels throughout the night, dancing and walking up and down and dancing, I woke up with a SWOLLEN ANKLE =.= like seriously???? Only one side was swollen and I couldn't really stand for long periods of time.. I had to call my supervisor to tell them I couldn't go into work :( I feeel sooooo bad!!! 

And now! my ankle is much better, I can walk perfectly fine now, but my eyelids decide to fuck me up by giving me a HUGE CYST in my eyelids! 

Brace yourself for this unsettling image. 

The top picture was taken the night before, and the lower picture was taken today. HOLY CRAP! The white pus is getting bigger!! and now whenever I blink, I can practically FEEEL IT IN MY EYE!!! AM super worried now and gonna go see the doctor tomorrow if it still hasn't subsided. Friend told me to apply a warm compression on it, but I've tried and it doesn't seem to be working :( 

I feel so shit and I have no idea why I'm so unlucky..Hopefully once November comes around it'll get better. 

On to more exciting news, (atleast it is to me), I've revamped my blog banner and wallpaper. haha although it's pretty simple but I'm absolutely loving it! I'm also thinking of getting my own blog domain as well, upon some very good advice from Jayson. He thinks it's a good idea that I want to focus on my blog, like you know, to do what I really want to do. And I really like to do this. I'd love it if I could seriously spend some time to make this a profession, alongside my dream job of having a marketing career in the entertainment industry (KOREA!!). 

And of course for that to happen it will mean more interesting posts for my readers, or my new found interest, videos for my viewers on YouTube :D Awesome awesome news! I've reached over 1,000 views for my video and I'm ecstatic!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate and feel grateful for the support that I'm getting. I always thought my friends would laugh at me (although they initially did), but they're really so supportive and even giving me suggestions and ideas for my next video, it's making me feel so loved and thankful.. Thank you so much.. *hugs and kisses*

I can't wait till I have more time to record more videos for my viewers :D What would you like to see me do next? A hair tutorial? Makeup? Skin Regime? Fashion Haul? I'm up for suggestions. But most likely I'd only be able to get all this done AFTER my exams are over, that is on the 19th!! My final paper for the year...

Shall end this post with a less unsettling picture, to get your mind off that disgusting image of my cyst. lol. (Also cause I've already taken these photos and not posting them up would be a shame..hahaha)

Goodnight my beautifuls!