October 31, 2012

[YOUTUBE]: How-To - Natural Wavy Curls


Filmed this yesterday, just before heading out for dinner with my uni-mates. I didn't actually plan to film a new tutorial so soon, but I've been cooped up in my apartment for the whole weekend now (4days straight!!), not even leaving to get food cuz luckily for me, my sister buys back food for me everyday :D So yeah, and also because of my cyst I stayed home so I could recuperate and speed up my recovery. Thankfully, all is clear now, although you may still be able to catch a glimpse of the unsightly bump in my videos. But all the white pus is gone now so that's good! 

So on to my tutorial..This is just a really simple and quick way of curling your hair. Takes literally 7-8 minutes and the only tools you will need is your CURLING IRON and HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY (or in my case, I was too lazy and rushing for time so I didn't even spray anything on my hair, so just ONE item). 

I'm using a Vidal Sassoon 1inch Curling Iron set at a 170degrees. I set it up that high because it enables me to curl my hair faster. So let's say, with the 170degree setting, I leave the iron on my hair for about 3-5seconds and then releasing it. The thickness of the hair and the heat settings will affect the time needed to leave your curler on your hair. If you take a one-inch section of hair on a 100-150 degrees setting, then leave your curler on your hair for about 5-10seconds. So it really varies.. 

  • 170 degrees, 3-5seconds
  • 100-150 degrees, 5-10seconds
In this video, I also tried out a new concept...doing voiceovers(VOs) and I'm really nervous about how people would react to my voice. I personally do not really like doing voiceovers because I'm not that confident and you may actually hear it in my speech, but after a few trials I got the hang of it and have chosen the best voice clips to use for the video. Hopefully I exude enough confidence. lol! 

I did VOs also because I was humming along to the music while I was curling my hair and, come on now, I wouldn't want to expose such torture onto my viewers now would I? :P (actually I lie!!LOLZ! I might be recording a song with my friend soon..nothing's confirmed yet but will keep you posted :D).

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