October 11, 2012


I have to say that these past few weeks have to be my happiest, saddest and most stressed out periods for the new semester. Firstly, upon arriving back in Melbourne after the mid-sem break I was bombarded with tonnes of work to do, completing assignments and shit. Totally not anyone else's fault but mine. I was supposed to do my parts back in Malaysia, but you know.. how can anyone do work whilst on holidays and in the comfort of home? So yeah, I only have myself to blame.. But I'm glad 2 out of 4 of my assignments are done and handed in. 2 more to go! 

Will talk about my happiest week in another entry.. 

I'd like to dedicate this entry to two of my awesomest friends who have sadly gone back to Malaysia for good :( To my dearest Katrina and Weng Fai you guys are dearly missed! It is with friends like you that make my time in Melbourne, away from family, so much more bearable and enjoyable. The times that we have spent together will truly be remembered forever. I wish the utmost best to the both of you and may you two have a wonderful beginning to your future ahead. I look forward to seeing you two again and hear your extraordinary stories and successes. I am proud and honoured to have the privilege to be your friend, not to mention to be the one that you guys can always make fun of, alongside Yinn, LOL! 

The night before their departure, headed over to Nobu@Crown Melbourne for dinner. Unfortunately Weng Fai couldn't make it so it was just Kat, HuaYu and me. What was supposed to be my treat, ended up being their treat to me.. Thanks so much guys! I was supposed to treat but I overestimated my monetary status...LOLZ! But they said they were already planning to treat me.. awwww.. I loves them both! 

Effortlessly gorgeous Katrina *lovesss* 

My "korean" friend, Hua Yu...LOLZ! 

We ordered 4 dishes, all for sharing. And I must say, they all tasted DIVINE!! DELICIOUS!! Seriously worth the price.. The first dished that arrived was the Oysters topped with Caviar and the actual name of it sounded much more tasty than what I just said but yeh, haha it was delicious!! 

Then came the infamous Miso Cod Fish!! Everyone who has ever or planning to go Nobu MUST MUST MUST order this dish! It is absolutely delicious and the Cod Fish is just soooo succulent and fresh. Not too sure if you describe fish meat to being succulent, but it seriously tasted so goooood!

This, albeit its rather plain and dull plating, it really tasted better than how it looks! This was the Abalone & Vegetables in Garlic Butter Sauce... *Salivatingggg* The sauce was super good! I can't think of anymore adjectives to describe just how good the food tastes.. lol!

And my favourite for the night, apart from the cod fish, this absolutely mouth-watering (lol came up with another adjective) Pork Belly with Honey Mustard. This has got to be the most delicious mustard-sauce-combo, to me, that I have ever tasted. I am not a fan of mustard and I for one never like the taste of it cuz it's just like a different type of weird wasabi.. But this was definitely an exception for me. It was sooo heavenly (another word. LOL!) and tender!!! 

Told the lady to bring out the birthday cake once Kat got back from the toilet. heehee I hope she was surprised :D We were celebrating her official birthday that day.. Happy Birthday Dearest Kat! LOVES YOU LOTZ! 

 I'm sooo huge here :O I think I look like her mom.. haha! 


Headed for Sticky Date Pudding with Ice Cream after..We would never pass up the chance of eating that even after that hearty meal, eversince we discovered it the last time we were at Crown. haha please do try it! 

LOL an awfully close shot of my face taken by Hua.. haha I like how I still look ok, and not totally like shit.. heehee^^ Still passable la right? LOLZ! 

The next day, went to the Boatbuilders Yard located along Yarra River, just beside the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre. I wanted to bring them there on numerous occasions but we never found the time to. Finally could bring them here! This time it was my treat! :D 

 HuaYu and Katrina

 Me and WengFai!!! *lovessss*

BBQ Beef Ribs
I highly recommend everyone that intends on coming to this place to order this plate of ribs! It's an entree but definitely enough to eat, as long as you order other dishes as well. This is seriously so good I'm getting hungry just typing this entry up..

Meat Balls
Don't let its simple name deceive you. This is also located in the entree menu and this is also equally good too! The tomato-ness of this dish is just mind-blowing. It's not too sour and the meat balls are so tender and juicy. Dip the bread into the sauce too!

Crumbed Chicken
This, I would say wasn't especially delicious.. just cause I don't particularly like foods that are that dry? If that makes any sense.. Its outer layer is really crispy, but yeah the fact that they use chicken breast, it for me is just too dry.. But the vegetables and pork bits on the bottom are delicious though! haha :)

Battered Flathead Fillets
Just a super classy way of saying Fish & Chips. Haha cuz that's what it literally is.. This is good! The fish fillets are just nicely crispy and yet soft and smooth on the inside. The chips were really good too. What more can I say about a plate of Fish & Chips? 

Winter Bisque
Dip the bread into the soup while it's still hot! It would taste sooo much better than what we did, which was dipping it after chowing down on all the seafood first. lol! The soup got cold by the time we finished the contents. But omg! the seafood flavour was really strong in this winter soup.. perfect for the weather that we were in that day. Super delicious! 

Me, Katrina and Fai!
love and miss you guys!
Only been one day, but I'm already feeling the change! T_T

Kat, Hua and Fai


No matter how far apart we are, the path that we have walked together will forever remain
a very important memory in my life. Thank you for being part of my journey in Melbourne.
loveeee youuuu~ 

I'm not sorry for the extremely lengthy post...