October 31, 2012

[YOUTUBE]: How-To - Natural Wavy Curls


Filmed this yesterday, just before heading out for dinner with my uni-mates. I didn't actually plan to film a new tutorial so soon, but I've been cooped up in my apartment for the whole weekend now (4days straight!!), not even leaving to get food cuz luckily for me, my sister buys back food for me everyday :D So yeah, and also because of my cyst I stayed home so I could recuperate and speed up my recovery. Thankfully, all is clear now, although you may still be able to catch a glimpse of the unsightly bump in my videos. But all the white pus is gone now so that's good! 

So on to my tutorial..This is just a really simple and quick way of curling your hair. Takes literally 7-8 minutes and the only tools you will need is your CURLING IRON and HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY (or in my case, I was too lazy and rushing for time so I didn't even spray anything on my hair, so just ONE item). 

I'm using a Vidal Sassoon 1inch Curling Iron set at a 170degrees. I set it up that high because it enables me to curl my hair faster. So let's say, with the 170degree setting, I leave the iron on my hair for about 3-5seconds and then releasing it. The thickness of the hair and the heat settings will affect the time needed to leave your curler on your hair. If you take a one-inch section of hair on a 100-150 degrees setting, then leave your curler on your hair for about 5-10seconds. So it really varies.. 

  • 170 degrees, 3-5seconds
  • 100-150 degrees, 5-10seconds
In this video, I also tried out a new concept...doing voiceovers(VOs) and I'm really nervous about how people would react to my voice. I personally do not really like doing voiceovers because I'm not that confident and you may actually hear it in my speech, but after a few trials I got the hang of it and have chosen the best voice clips to use for the video. Hopefully I exude enough confidence. lol! 

I did VOs also because I was humming along to the music while I was curling my hair and, come on now, I wouldn't want to expose such torture onto my viewers now would I? :P (actually I lie!!LOLZ! I might be recording a song with my friend soon..nothing's confirmed yet but will keep you posted :D).

Without further adue


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October 29, 2012

[FACE]: My SkinCare Regime (Morning)

My Skin Regime (Morning)

#1 Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
#2 Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator
#3 Philosophy Hope-In-A-Jar
#4 Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water

I have been asked a couple of times, what products do I use on my face. And it's taken me a long time to actually write on this, mainly cause I keep changing my favourite products. In fact, most of these products I just bought probably close to 2months ago? Have been using them diligently though and I'm absolutely loving them! 

So, let's start!  


STEP 1: Cleanse
(stock photo cuz I didn't take a picture of my own bottle)

First off, I cleanse my face with Philosophy's Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser. Bought this a while back but never got around to actually using it for long periods of time. But recently, I started using it again and I must say it is absolutely perfect for my skin. With the Melbourne weather recently being so crazy, going from chilly winterly winds to strongly humid raining periods to absolutely hot and dry temperatures, this extremely gentle cleanser is perfect in combatting any effects that the weather might have on my skin.


  • makes my face feel clean and fresh without the over-drying feeling.
  • doesn't have much of a scent to it
  • have seen significant improvement on blackheads and whiteheads
  • might be a little expensive, I got this for AUD$42 from Myers, so if you've bought it and found that it didn't work for you, as it did for me, you might feel it as abit of a waste. 
For me, I didn't mind the price tag at all, considering i've been using it for almost 2months now, and I still have more than half the bottle left. I'd say it's pretty worth every cent. Obviously, what might work for me may not work for everyone else. That's why it takes literally many trial-and-errors to get the perfect facial cleanser that works for you. Luckily for those that are interested in trying this out, their official webpage does offer sample sizes that you could buy and try. Click HERE .

STEP 2: Toner

I soak a cotton pad with this baby and gently dab all over my face. This Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner works as a TONER. Bought this during my Taiwan trip in April and have been using it ever since. The bottle is sooo huge that it lasted me all the way till September. A good whole 5MONTHS and maybe even more. I can't remember exactly the price, but I'm loving this so much that I am now currently on my second bottle! As stated in the picture, it is like a 7-in-1 Toner and for me, it actually really delivers in all of them..

  • pores appear smaller
  • my face tends to appear less oily towards the end of the day 
  • keeps my face feeling fresh
  • refreshing yet mild scent
I don't have any cons for this product. In terms of quality and price, I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING THIS! And I would say this is my greatest find so far! Click HERE for their official website. Unfortunately they don't sell online but I'm sure you can find them on eBay if you do not have an Etude House store in your area. 

STEP 3: Serum

The next thing, whatever category you'd like to put this into, I apply this miracle serum, Tsuya Skin by Shu Uemura. What this product promises is that it would give you "porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin"(i'm just quoting from the website. lol!) But all jokes aside, I actually do believe that this product delivers what it said it would. I saw this in the in-flight shopping magazine (yes i do buy items on the airplane) and immediately needed to try it.. they're advertising and marketing skills were just too enticing. hahaha.


  • my skin feel radiant and glowing the next day
  • lovely scent that makes me feel fresh
  • smooth gel-like texture that is easily absorbed into the skin
  • a little product goes a long way
  • this is rather expensive if you're on a tight budget. I got this for SGD$68-$75 (I can't remember exactly) on the airplane and I think that's considered cheap, because it's selling at USD$85 on their official website. 
  • scent may be too strong for others (I personally love the smell though :D)
Been using this for almost a month and a half and I must say I'm getting positive results with this product and as such will definitely purchase this again once I'm finished. As stated earlier, a little goes a long way so this little baby can probably last you close to 4-5 months. Click HERE for their official online store. 

STEP 4: Moisturize

This little jar of hope is absolutely amazing! Philosophy products are pretty damn good! (judging by the two items I've used from them) It's making me want to try out every single product that they have to offer..unfortunately my budget doesn't allow me to :( But anyway, this little moisturizer aptly named Hope In a Jar does absolute powers. As mentioned earlier, I have OILY TO COMBINATION skin with the T-Zone being particularly prone to looking shiny and greasy. 

This miracle moisturizer with its light and fluffy texture effectively moisturizes my skin without leaving it too oily. And trust me, you do NOT want your face looking all greasy and shit. guys don't dig that.. do they? well atleast, I know I don't! And that's why I loveeee to keep my face looking as MATTE as possible. This moisturizer is a wonderful product because you don't need that much product to sufficiently hydrate your whole entire face. My face is pretty big, FYI, so having a moisturizer that works so well with such little product needed is just a winner for me. 

  • light feathery texture makes it very easily absorbed into the skin
  • only need a little bit or product to apply over the entire face
  • hydrates my skin and leave it looking fresh and plump
  • perfect base for applying makeup
  • may be a bit pricey (as does all of Philosophy's products)
And yet again, I state that I do find that you pay for what you get. Cuz the products really do deliver what they set out to. And again, you can always buy and try their sample from their official website by clicking HERE

STEP 5: (don't know what category this falls into, but I shall just call it another serum)

After moisturizer, I tend to apply small dots of this product over the areas of my face that tend to get oily throughout the day, like my T-Zone areas and my cheeks. This Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water was a free sample I got upon purchasing the trial pack of their AC Clinic range thats targeted for acne and oil control. Like I've said, I don't really know what category this falls into but whatever it is, it does wonders for my oily-prone areas. 

What this product does is that it's supposed to combat and control sebum keeping your face matte and fresh-looking. It also acts as sort of a transparent pimple-fighting product. The liquid is milky white but upon applying it onto your face, it would turn transparent as it gets absorbed into your skin. I absolutely LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Apart from the Wonder Pore, this is also my best find! 

  • keeps my face looking matte and fresh throughout the day
  • preps skin for better make-up application
  • reduces size of any pimples I have (and the redness)
  • cooling and soothing sensation upon applying on face. 
  • mild medicinal smell, but nothing too strong you can't tolerate
  • if apply too much, may be a bit too drying as it really absorbs and controls the sebum production on the face. (please apply a moisturizing moisturizer BEFORE applying this)
Since this is only a sample-sized bottle, I wanna conserve and save as much as I can so that it will last me till I get back to Malaysia and buy the full-sized bottle, so I only apply small dots over my face especially only over the oil-proned areas. I do not know the actual price of this product either but I'm guessing it should be affordable as Etude House products are always affordable and of good quality!
Couldn't find the official website for this product however, I do apologize. 

Hope this is informational enough..and do let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know? or just suggestions on how I can improve :) Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful week ahead! 

Goodnight beautifuls!

October 28, 2012

[EVENT]: Halloween

Despite hating Justin Bieber so much, I'm seriously addicted to his song "As Long As You Love Me" omg.. KMN! lol but the tune is really catchy I can't deny that. Anyways, I've been struck with a series of unfortunate events. Don't know if it's due to me being old, or I am just unlucky and accident prone.

Headed for a Halloween event at Allumbra on Friday. Rushed to get ready right after I got off work. It was kinda last minute and I didn't even know what to dress up as. It wasn't like last year where I had planned long ago what I was going to dress up as. Read here, here, & here for my costume last year :D 

So yeah, anyways, this year, due to the time constriction, I ended up just going dressed super normally, but made up to look like a cat. I didn't even have the cat ears, so I was basically a cat-looking earless-cat-ears person. LOL! Hope that made sense. 

Ashley and Yinn were also made up to look like cats. However, they seemed pretty more skilled than I was and came out looking like lions instead. Super fierce!! It was a girls night out. Hadn't had that in a super long time. Enjoyed my night very much with my girls :) 

We saw ALOT of interesting costumes that night. Ironman, Assasin's Creed Altair, Joker, The Flash, Slenderman and tonnes and tonnes of zombies and skeleton-inspired costumes.


Yinn and Ashley

He was pretty popular with everyone in the club.
Not too sure if he was one of the promoters, but yeah, everyone was
practically lining up to take pictures with him..haha crazzy..


The Flash and Joker!


And I was sooo shocked and surprised to bump into Malaysia's YouTube celebrities from JINNYBOYTV productions! Jin and Reuben :O 




It was sooo much fun!! Too bad Allumbra closes early. They turned on the lights at about 3 I think? So we headed over to Maze for Round2! We were pretty beat and tired, but dropped by anyway since it was so close. The atmosphere at Maze had definitely died down, I mean it's only expected cuz it was close to closing time anyways.

Ivan and Peter

LOL! Peter is freakishly scary! Job well done on the get up. Too bad Ivan got out of his costume. haha if I remembered correctly, he looked pretty funny as a Cacao Green Mascot. LOL!! Overall had an amazing night, filling supper and had very enjoyable company. 

Till I got home that is..... I'm sooo used to bringing an extra pair of flats/sandals with me to change into right after clubbing. You know, cuz your feet gets super tired after all that dancing and walking in those killer heels? On the one time I didn't bring my spare flats, and persevered in my heels throughout the night, dancing and walking up and down and dancing, I woke up with a SWOLLEN ANKLE =.= like seriously???? Only one side was swollen and I couldn't really stand for long periods of time.. I had to call my supervisor to tell them I couldn't go into work :( I feeel sooooo bad!!! 

And now! my ankle is much better, I can walk perfectly fine now, but my eyelids decide to fuck me up by giving me a HUGE CYST in my eyelids! 

Brace yourself for this unsettling image. 

The top picture was taken the night before, and the lower picture was taken today. HOLY CRAP! The white pus is getting bigger!! and now whenever I blink, I can practically FEEEL IT IN MY EYE!!! AM super worried now and gonna go see the doctor tomorrow if it still hasn't subsided. Friend told me to apply a warm compression on it, but I've tried and it doesn't seem to be working :( 

I feel so shit and I have no idea why I'm so unlucky..Hopefully once November comes around it'll get better. 

On to more exciting news, (atleast it is to me), I've revamped my blog banner and wallpaper. haha although it's pretty simple but I'm absolutely loving it! I'm also thinking of getting my own blog domain as well, upon some very good advice from Jayson. He thinks it's a good idea that I want to focus on my blog, like you know, to do what I really want to do. And I really like to do this. I'd love it if I could seriously spend some time to make this a profession, alongside my dream job of having a marketing career in the entertainment industry (KOREA!!). 

And of course for that to happen it will mean more interesting posts for my readers, or my new found interest, videos for my viewers on YouTube :D Awesome awesome news! I've reached over 1,000 views for my video and I'm ecstatic!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate and feel grateful for the support that I'm getting. I always thought my friends would laugh at me (although they initially did), but they're really so supportive and even giving me suggestions and ideas for my next video, it's making me feel so loved and thankful.. Thank you so much.. *hugs and kisses*

I can't wait till I have more time to record more videos for my viewers :D What would you like to see me do next? A hair tutorial? Makeup? Skin Regime? Fashion Haul? I'm up for suggestions. But most likely I'd only be able to get all this done AFTER my exams are over, that is on the 19th!! My final paper for the year...

Shall end this post with a less unsettling picture, to get your mind off that disgusting image of my cyst. lol. (Also cause I've already taken these photos and not posting them up would be a shame..hahaha)

Goodnight my beautifuls! 

October 24, 2012


The happiest most exciting part of my trip back home! :D

But first, finally, I'm done with my assignments and now all I have to do is go through one more day of lectures and then I'm into my study break..freedom..to study that is.. First paper's on the 7th then 13th, 14th, and 19th :O So many papers, so many exams, so much to read :(

But now, to divert away from that sadness, I'm totally astound and amazed by the amount of views my blog garnered just because I uploaded a YouTube video of my makeup! Thanks everyone for your support and kind comments on my video/blog. It really means a lot to me and makes me feel stupid now how I was initially so afraid to just upload that video and kept overthinking (how would people view me after I post this? will they laugh? although I know some of you did! hahaha) but still, I'm so grateful and very happy with the response. On the day I uploaded my YouTube video, my blog views increased from an average of 100 views to 621!! :D (maybe some were from my family and myself) but still, I couldn't imagine getting that much. And my YouTube video is almost hitting 1,000 views!
If you haven't watched already, here's the link :)

Now, back to the happiest most exciting thing that happened in Malaysia...

I got to watch BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012 in Singapore!!!! HOLY MOTHER!!! If you don't already know, I am like a HUUUUGEEE BigBang fan and was soo excited the moment I knew they were holding a concert in Singapore! And what perfect timing, during my mid-sem break too!! I am thaat crazy that me and my friends actually drove into Singapore early in the morning just to queue up so that we'd get to stand right infront of the stage. We bought the "mosh-pit" tickets and if we didn't arrive early enough, we'd definitely be standing waaay back and my T.O.P wouldn't be near me :(

But damn, I gotta give it to the Singaporeans, they are seriously so much more hardcore than I thought I was. When arriving the stadium, we saw so many other fans already queueing up! Some brought along their sleeping bags to sleep on and OMG it was just so crazy.. I thought I was crazy..

Can you see the amount of people?

Makeup-less me *horror*!, Lola and Dorothy :D

Thank god for the extremely huge umbrella that I brought along. It totally shield me from the sun. haha! See the others with their small umbrellas, barely covering their backs. The umbrella PLUS the portable mist fans I bought from Universal Studios.

(yes =.= I went all the way into USS just to buy the mist fans because shitty 3rd world country JB don't sell any of that kind! And I knew for sure that USS would sell. and my parents, not wanting me to die from heat, actually drove me all the way into USS the day before so that I could buy the fans :'( I love them sooo much and am super lucky to have them! I'm so grateful that they actually took time off work to actually bring me there just so I could get those stupid fans! stupid fans that saved my life.. love you Pops and Momsy!! )

Bear in mind, I arrived at the stadium at around 7am and the stadium wasn't even opened yet, that's why we were queuing OUTSIDE and not inside.. if that makes any sense.. After about 3hours or so, the stadium is finally opened and we're allowed to go INSIDE to queue the remaining hours till the concert starts, which was at 7PM! lol!!! Am I crazy or am I crazy? haha..

Posted this photo of me on Instagram with a very apt caption.
"Still Alive at BigBang's Concert"
LOL! geddit? geddit?

The temporary tattoos that you could get for free, courtesy from Samsung.



=) Just doing my usual chant! I am sooo determined to work for Samsung because I would want to have the chance of going to Korea and actually working there! I will do anything I can to make that dream happen! Believe and you shall receive!!

Lola, Dorothy and Me :D
The 3 "crazy hardcore" BigBang fans!
They had the tattoos stuck on their faces. haha true VIPs!

I felt so happy that I didn't have to queue alone. JiaLe (also a hardcore T.O.P fan) came along to queue with us, although she didn't have too cuz her ticket was the seating ticket but she wanted to accompany us anyway! awwww :D It was so enjoyable to spend those long hours with these ladies. They made time pass so fast! Before you know it, it was almost time for the concert to begin!! *EXCITED!!!*

in case you were wondering, how the hell do I suddenly have makeup on?
simple, i brought it along with me and after changing, dumped everything back into my car.
haha! luckily i drove in, otherwise we'd be lugging it around the stadium =.=

As the time got nearer to the concert, we took turns in going to the nearby toilets to change into a new set of clothes (cuz obviously we'd be sticky and hot from queuing the whole day). I purposely wore a NEON YELLOW top with PURPLE shorts. haha hoping to be somewhat eye-catching enough to stand out from the crowd.. But it was useless anyway..haha! *come to think of it, now I regret using my iPhone to take so many photos even BEFORE entering the concert..cuz my phone died at the start of the concert :( leaving me with very very very few pictures T_T*

At around 6:20pm, they started letting us in, slowly and systematically so that they'd be no pushing or shoving involved. That's good too in a way cuz people wouldn't be hurting one another just to rush to be right in the front. Our position was superb! We had an awesome view of the stage and was right in front!!!


haha see that circled bit? That's where we were standing amongst the sea of people!
Now I don't mind at all that we waited close to 12 hours, because it was all worth it! 

And then... it STARTS!!!!
*shitty quality cuz it was taken from my phone..hate it! wish I brought in my Sony NEX regardless of them not allowing photography cuz I mean I saw people brining out their DSLRs for goodness sake! and BigBang even posed for their cameras :'( but nvm, I enjoyed the show a hell lot and they were sooo close to me!!! I almost fainted when I made eye contact with T.O.P!!!!

*all these shots were not zoomed in at all*

sooooo friggin' handsomeeeeee!!!!!


Aaannnnddd my battery's dead.. LOL! So from here, it'll be the official shots I grabbed off from their Facebook page. Enjoy HD Quality photos..

L>R: T.O.P, GD, TaeYang, DaeSung, SeungRi



He's really cute and funny. haha

I used to think he wasn't that handsome, but DAYMNN he's hot in real life!!


Heehee^^ my T.O.P is on the big screen! LOLZ! 

What seemed like only one hour, the concert ended.. In actual fact, they performed waaay longer than they were supposed to which was totally super awesome! They performed BadBoy twice! and their performance of HaruHaru was absolutely amazing! OMG I miss the concert soooo bad!! 

And now I shall bore you with more pictures of boring people, aka us, after the concert ended. I  am still so angry with myself for being soo scared and following the rules and not bringing any camera in! :( 




My BigBang!

Memories of it are stil sooo fresh in my mind! I just can't imagine that I've actually seen them perform live! It was like watching their YouTube performances, but I was IN the video.. LOLZ! I am just super grateful that I had the chance to catch them perform live! That's one thing to tick off my bucket list :D 

Now, for that job with Samsung in Korea :D!