August 2, 2012

Looking for a casual waitressing/coffee making job?

[UPDATES: Thanks to those who have sent in your resumes, positions have been filled and business has started running :) Do check out my friend's shop called, Mabrown Curry House, down on Southern Cross Lane, Bourke Street, Melbourne. It's situated directly opposite the Post Office. Corner of Bourke and Exhibition Street.]

Haha, totally unrelated photo, I just miss the color of my hair :( FYI, my hair is now back to a normal-mono-toned-color. No more crazy hair colors...for now..LOL!

Anyways, as the title suggests, a good friend of mine will be opening a new cafe/restaurant down on Bourke Street, Melbourne soon and there are CASUAL WAITRESSING/COFFEE MAKING POSITIONS. If anyone is interested, please do send in your resume and a photo of yourself to Any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. Don't hold back, send in your resumes now! International students, Malaysians, Singaporeans (provided you're in Melbourne), basically anyone can apply! Don't wait any longer :)  

Deadline: 2 weeks from today! (16th August 2012) or until positions have been filled up.

Good Luck.