July 27, 2012


This is a super outdated post, (well not nearly as outdated as the upcoming ones), but yeah. For those that follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this picture that I uploaded, close to 3weeks ago. It's actually my most-liked picture on Instagram. woohoo! haha! I'm guessing cuz this is the only picture that I uploaded where I have a somewhat different makeup/expression on my face, A FRIGGIN LIGHTNING BOLT! If that don't get me likes, I don't know what will. hahaha.

I attended LADY GAGA'S BORN THIS WAY MONSTER BALL @Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. It was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Totally missed out the first time Lady Gaga was here. I didn't get to attend as I had to rush out my architecture assignments. BOO! But yeah, so the moment I heard she was coming again I definitely just had to attend! Rallied up 3 other friends to go with me, most of my friends didn't want to go since they already attended her concert the first time she was here. So anyway, Katrina, Huayu and Randy, my rallied friends for the MONSTERBALL!!

We had pretty decent seats. Right in the centre, but rather far back. Still managed to see her, although she appears to be only the size of my fingernail on my camera, she's actually much bigger from where I was sitting. haha! Her performance is da bomb! Seriously, I was never really like a HUGE fan of hers, but seeing her perform, omg! It really blew me away! I loveeeeddd it sooo much!!

My OOTD, Faux Fur Coat from Forever 21, Inner Velvet Shirt from MDS Collections, Tiger Belt from Top Shop, High Waisted Pants from Top Shop, Boots from I can't remember where. Hair Bow Clip from YesStyle.com.

Some of the pictures below, if quality is clearer its taken form my digicam, while the rest are taken from my iPhone. I'm pretty surprised my camera was able to snap some rather amazing shots since likes it's not some professional camera. Anyway, I'm getting super sleepy so pictures from here on.

Had an amazing night. And fyi, I had extensions on. There are certain photos where you can clearly distinguish between my real hair and the extensions. I wish my hair could grow longer faster! After looking through these concert photos, you have no idea how EXCITED I am feeling right now to be able to see BIGBANG LIVE IN SINGAPORE ON THE 29TH SEPTEMBER 2012!!! I am simply ECSTATIC and SUPER ANTICIPATING the day I can finally see my idols, especially T.O.P perform live on stage! omg omg omg!
Anyone else going for the BigBang concert in Singapore?? Let me know :D 

Just cause I don't want to waste my Lightning Bolt, here are more pictures of me in all its glory :D

Oh! I am finally finally back to a normal-haircolor now, if you follow me on Instagram you'd seen the picture. If not just look over at the Instagram widget on my sidebar. LOL! I couldn't recognize myself after being back to just one normal color on my head. haha. What do you think? My family prefers this color on me waaaay more than the crazy colors. But I actually really miss my crazy colors :( Oh well, this color does make my hair look healthy :D

Will most likely do a post on all my crazy hair colors, and seriously just how frequently I've dyed my hair over the past 3-n-a-half months. craaazzzyyy XD