July 10, 2012

HAUL: July Edition

I am literally lost.. I do not know what to do for the next few hours.. For those that understand, you know how I feel??! LOL! DIABLO3 SERVER, DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE!! :( It's been down for almost an hour+ now.. and I've done practically almost everything I can think of. Doing my laundry, doing the dishes, tidying up the living room, uploading photos on facebook.. rather productive I must say. So the only thing I have yet to do is to update my blog, and so here I am. Haha!

Started playing Diablo3 exactly 4-5days ago (I can't really count cuz I play throughout the night till morning, and wake up at night and continue again till morning o.O). Friends have called me a nerd, or a social outcast. hahaha! Seriously it's sooo addictive I can't help it. When my sister is getting ready for work, I'm still up playing.. Eventhough I play for that long, I'm still only lvl51. Guess I really am a noob! haha! Anyone else playing diablo? Leave me your battletag! I'll add you! :D

Ok, on to some random stuffs. I recently bought a few things after seeing some beauty bloggers using them and, being such a sucka for advertising, I actually went along and bought them. FYI, when I say recently, I actually mean like maybe 2-3 months ago, since I'm really backdated on uploading photos, so everything I post up now, isn't actually the most recent. Including my hair. My hair now, in fact, is actually HOT PINK with PURPLE + BLUE + PINK + BLONDE highlights. :D Will take pictures soon.

 1. UNT Finishing Powder
2. UNT Color Mineraluxe BB Cream
3. UNT Color Compact Powder

Bought these items off UNT Color website just because I saw this banner hovering around Clicknetwork.tv and thought, "Omg! Korean makeup products, must be good!" LOL! and yeh, been using it for about a month now and I have to say I love it! lol! Although the BB Cream may be a little bit darker than my natural skin tone, but the coverage it gives is awesome. I love the compact powder as it mattifies my face. I have really oily T-zones and this does just the job for me. Then the finishing powder, I only use it when I go out at night as I want an even more matte finish, especially if I'm hitting the clubs and know that I'm definitely gonna get oily.. 

 1. Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Anti-Spots Roll-On
2. L'Oreal UV Perfect Daily Moisturising Lotion
3. L'Oreal Super Liner Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
4. OLAY Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex
5. TONI&GUY NOURISH: Reconstruction Mask

Oh, btw, do u see that insanely cute Ipod speaker/dock thing in the background? Playing my awesome BIGBANG song? lol! It's the Altec Lansing Iphone Speaker Dock that I got off Catchoftheday.com.au. It's RRP$210 I bought it for AUD$89! but I just checked, they now selling on the website for AUD$69 =.= RIPOFF!! hahaha i keed.. Still bought it for a good price and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! It's sooo useful and now whenever I shower, I can has good music :D

The Garnier 2in1 Spot Roll-on, I saw QiuQiu using it in her BudgetBarbie videos and instantly fell for it. lol! Told ya I'm a sucka for adverstising. Hoping that it would actually work on me as well as it did for her, I went ahead and bought it. But to my dismay, it didn't really do such a good job for me. The coverage was no where near as advertised and the actual clearing effect of the pimple was very very subtle. To be totally honest, I would have to say that this product didn't do anything for my pimples. It was just very soothing when I applied it on, and when I went ahead to blend the product out, it just totally disappeared and my pimple was still very clearly visible. BUT, to be clear, I only tried this product for maybe 2weeks? So maybe the clearing effect needs a little longer to see any visible results.

The gel liner from L'Oreal is TO DIE FOR!! It stays on and doesn't budge AT ALL! Nothing much to say, except my absolute love for it! Although currently right now I'm loving another liquid eyeliner! So... haha I'm fickle with which eyeliner I actually do love the best. 

The amazing Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, I saw Cheesie from Cheeserland.com doing a review on this. and OH MAI GOD! I LOVE THIS!!! Although I do not yet have any visible wrinkles, but this does a superb job in priming my face. It smoothens out my pores and matifies my face like TTM! I don't get as oily as without this product. I apply this before my BB cream in the morning, after my moisturizer. Give it a try! It's really good!

As you know, I love experimenting with hair colors, and this causes severe damage to my hair, especially the ends, since I tend to bleach and kill it more often than the top. The Reconstruction Mask by Toni&Guy has done wonders for my hair! It has seriously improved the condition of my hair and it looks dramatically improved. Not to say my hair is as healthy as virgin hair, but yeh, it's significantly healthier :D 

 Random shot of my dresser above, and random shots of my hair below. Remember in my previous post how purple my hair looked? Well, yeah this is what it faded to, after about a week? LOL!

See any difference in my eyes in the last two photos??? I recently DIY-ed a RING LIGHT! :D Although I have to admit the craftmanship doesn't look pretty at all, but I think it does the job. I will add more lights on it to make it even brighter. Say Hello to more professional-looking self shots soon! LOL! Ok, after spending almost an hour on this blogpost, I still have to wait another 2-3hrs before Diablo3's server reopens :( KMN!!