July 27, 2012


This is a super outdated post, (well not nearly as outdated as the upcoming ones), but yeah. For those that follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this picture that I uploaded, close to 3weeks ago. It's actually my most-liked picture on Instagram. woohoo! haha! I'm guessing cuz this is the only picture that I uploaded where I have a somewhat different makeup/expression on my face, A FRIGGIN LIGHTNING BOLT! If that don't get me likes, I don't know what will. hahaha.

I attended LADY GAGA'S BORN THIS WAY MONSTER BALL @Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. It was simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Totally missed out the first time Lady Gaga was here. I didn't get to attend as I had to rush out my architecture assignments. BOO! But yeah, so the moment I heard she was coming again I definitely just had to attend! Rallied up 3 other friends to go with me, most of my friends didn't want to go since they already attended her concert the first time she was here. So anyway, Katrina, Huayu and Randy, my rallied friends for the MONSTERBALL!!

We had pretty decent seats. Right in the centre, but rather far back. Still managed to see her, although she appears to be only the size of my fingernail on my camera, she's actually much bigger from where I was sitting. haha! Her performance is da bomb! Seriously, I was never really like a HUGE fan of hers, but seeing her perform, omg! It really blew me away! I loveeeeddd it sooo much!!

My OOTD, Faux Fur Coat from Forever 21, Inner Velvet Shirt from MDS Collections, Tiger Belt from Top Shop, High Waisted Pants from Top Shop, Boots from I can't remember where. Hair Bow Clip from YesStyle.com.

Some of the pictures below, if quality is clearer its taken form my digicam, while the rest are taken from my iPhone. I'm pretty surprised my camera was able to snap some rather amazing shots since likes it's not some professional camera. Anyway, I'm getting super sleepy so pictures from here on.

Had an amazing night. And fyi, I had extensions on. There are certain photos where you can clearly distinguish between my real hair and the extensions. I wish my hair could grow longer faster! After looking through these concert photos, you have no idea how EXCITED I am feeling right now to be able to see BIGBANG LIVE IN SINGAPORE ON THE 29TH SEPTEMBER 2012!!! I am simply ECSTATIC and SUPER ANTICIPATING the day I can finally see my idols, especially T.O.P perform live on stage! omg omg omg!
Anyone else going for the BigBang concert in Singapore?? Let me know :D 

Just cause I don't want to waste my Lightning Bolt, here are more pictures of me in all its glory :D

Oh! I am finally finally back to a normal-haircolor now, if you follow me on Instagram you'd seen the picture. If not just look over at the Instagram widget on my sidebar. LOL! I couldn't recognize myself after being back to just one normal color on my head. haha. What do you think? My family prefers this color on me waaaay more than the crazy colors. But I actually really miss my crazy colors :( Oh well, this color does make my hair look healthy :D

Will most likely do a post on all my crazy hair colors, and seriously just how frequently I've dyed my hair over the past 3-n-a-half months. craaazzzyyy XD

July 24, 2012


Hello! I'm finally back with another blog entry after a long hiatus. Not that I was busy with work or anything, more like busy playing Diablo. lol! I'm a super slow player I must admit. I finally reached level 60 for my Monk like few days ago or maybe almost a week ago, and now I've started a new character, Wizard, just because I still keep dying in Inferno :(

Alright, enough geek talk, school's finally started again for me. Attended my first lecture today (night class), and my lecturer is Brit-ish! haha :D Love the british accent and the class was actually rather interesting but towards the end I got sooo sleepy mainly because I haven't had dinner and it was night time! I don't do very well in night lectures :( But oh well, consumer behaviour seems pretty interesting!

Days ago, I was looking through my old photos, like really really old photos of myself and am really glad to see how much I have changed, both in appearance and my outlook on life. Firstly, I am not saying that I am of great beauty now, I will however say that I have come very far in improving the way I look and am super happy that I had the chance to change my appearance. I am obviously talking about me having BRACES here, and not what other people have spread rumours about me undergoing Plastic Surgery =.= Please lah! If I have really undergone plastic surgery, I wouldn't still be constantly ranting on and on about actually wanting to have plastic surgery, don't make sense right?!

So anyway, I was born very fortunately, as a super cute and adorable baby. haha! No kidding! I really was super cute. And almost every family friend or aunty or uncle would comment how pretty I looked and how pretty and gorgeous I'd be when I grow up. Looking at how cute my old self was, I don't blame them for making that assumption.

Haha! See?! Pretty cute and adorable right? lol! That was BEFORE I dropped any of my baby teeth. I was a very late boomer and my baby teeth didn't drop till maybe when I was about 10-11 years old. At that age, I've had friends who've already had almost all their adult teeth. That defect of mine caused me to have really bad teeth as I was growing up during my teens, which affected my appearance very severely.

From the moment my adult teeth started to finally come out, that was when I stopped smiling with my teeth and proceeded to just smile, closed lips. The arrangement of my teeth caused my mouth to protrude and appear way larger and thicker than it actually is. LOL! I remember, back then, because of my teeth, I used to feel super super insecure and had a very low self-esteem. I know appearance isn't everything, but to me at that time, it really was! I couldn't understand why all my friends around me had perfectly alligned teeth, or even, my own sister had such perfect pearly whites, while I had to suffer being the ugly one in the family. I was only 10 and I had to endure being made fun of because of the way I smile.


My fashion sense at that time didn't help my appearance at all either. LOL! Mind you, at that time, I thought all those fashion accesories on my head and my dressing could help me look better, but oh how wrong I was. haha!

The following pictures were taken in Korea when I was 12 going on 13. I was really happy to be in Korea and experiencing snow for the first time, hence I have lots of snapshots of myself smiling with teeth. Plus my mother was always by my side encouraging me to smile with my teeth, she always told me she loved my teeth and that she never found it ugly at all. :') Thank you ma! I love you very much and thank you for always making me feel pretty :)


Then came my teenage years,

The closest shot of my teeth before I finally went ahead and gotten braces. The above shot was when I was 14. Looking back now, although I had ugly teeth, I was actually super thin! OMG! I wanna be that thin again!! LOL!

HAHAHA I can't stop laughing at the above picture! LOL! This was when I was 15, and it was also the year I started experimenting with makeup together with my BFF KitYan. LOL! We both, at that time, were into the Punnk fashion and clearly it was an epic fail! We ended up looking like maids. hahah! sorry, no offence intended but seriously.. LOL!! I was wearing braces at the time, and because I used the ceramic ones, it got stained really easily hence my teeth looking very yellow and dirty.. eeww~

Here, finally after 2years, 16 going on 17, I finally took off my braces :D Now I can has perfect teeth! And just to show how much different I look from then and now, here's a recent selca of myself.

Actually, now I realise, I don't even smile with my teeth that much anymore, you know why??? Cause it makes my face look fat!!  :'( oh the irony!! HAHAHA I apologize for this lengthy post. I think the point I'm just trying to get across is that I am very grateful and thankful for being able to improve on my looks, regardless of how badly tormented or traumatized I was as a child. The number of remarks made on me just because of my teeth, seriously... I am not a person of great beauty, and therefore I will keep on finding ways to further improve my looks till the point I may really really consider plastic surgery in the future. haha but for now, makeup and photoshop will have to do :D Like I always say, "there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy people" So girls! if you aren't happy with the way you look, just go ahead and improve it, we don't always have to resort to extreme means. Just get tonnes of makeup products and experiment the shit out of it. lol! :D

FYI, all photos above, including the last few were not photoshopped in any way please....

July 10, 2012

HAUL: July Edition

I am literally lost.. I do not know what to do for the next few hours.. For those that understand, you know how I feel??! LOL! DIABLO3 SERVER, DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE!! :( It's been down for almost an hour+ now.. and I've done practically almost everything I can think of. Doing my laundry, doing the dishes, tidying up the living room, uploading photos on facebook.. rather productive I must say. So the only thing I have yet to do is to update my blog, and so here I am. Haha!

Started playing Diablo3 exactly 4-5days ago (I can't really count cuz I play throughout the night till morning, and wake up at night and continue again till morning o.O). Friends have called me a nerd, or a social outcast. hahaha! Seriously it's sooo addictive I can't help it. When my sister is getting ready for work, I'm still up playing.. Eventhough I play for that long, I'm still only lvl51. Guess I really am a noob! haha! Anyone else playing diablo? Leave me your battletag! I'll add you! :D

Ok, on to some random stuffs. I recently bought a few things after seeing some beauty bloggers using them and, being such a sucka for advertising, I actually went along and bought them. FYI, when I say recently, I actually mean like maybe 2-3 months ago, since I'm really backdated on uploading photos, so everything I post up now, isn't actually the most recent. Including my hair. My hair now, in fact, is actually HOT PINK with PURPLE + BLUE + PINK + BLONDE highlights. :D Will take pictures soon.

 1. UNT Finishing Powder
2. UNT Color Mineraluxe BB Cream
3. UNT Color Compact Powder

Bought these items off UNT Color website just because I saw this banner hovering around Clicknetwork.tv and thought, "Omg! Korean makeup products, must be good!" LOL! and yeh, been using it for about a month now and I have to say I love it! lol! Although the BB Cream may be a little bit darker than my natural skin tone, but the coverage it gives is awesome. I love the compact powder as it mattifies my face. I have really oily T-zones and this does just the job for me. Then the finishing powder, I only use it when I go out at night as I want an even more matte finish, especially if I'm hitting the clubs and know that I'm definitely gonna get oily.. 

 1. Garnier Pure Active 2 in 1 Anti-Spots Roll-On
2. L'Oreal UV Perfect Daily Moisturising Lotion
3. L'Oreal Super Liner Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
4. OLAY Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex
5. TONI&GUY NOURISH: Reconstruction Mask

Oh, btw, do u see that insanely cute Ipod speaker/dock thing in the background? Playing my awesome BIGBANG song? lol! It's the Altec Lansing Iphone Speaker Dock that I got off Catchoftheday.com.au. It's RRP$210 I bought it for AUD$89! but I just checked, they now selling on the website for AUD$69 =.= RIPOFF!! hahaha i keed.. Still bought it for a good price and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! It's sooo useful and now whenever I shower, I can has good music :D

The Garnier 2in1 Spot Roll-on, I saw QiuQiu using it in her BudgetBarbie videos and instantly fell for it. lol! Told ya I'm a sucka for adverstising. Hoping that it would actually work on me as well as it did for her, I went ahead and bought it. But to my dismay, it didn't really do such a good job for me. The coverage was no where near as advertised and the actual clearing effect of the pimple was very very subtle. To be totally honest, I would have to say that this product didn't do anything for my pimples. It was just very soothing when I applied it on, and when I went ahead to blend the product out, it just totally disappeared and my pimple was still very clearly visible. BUT, to be clear, I only tried this product for maybe 2weeks? So maybe the clearing effect needs a little longer to see any visible results.

The gel liner from L'Oreal is TO DIE FOR!! It stays on and doesn't budge AT ALL! Nothing much to say, except my absolute love for it! Although currently right now I'm loving another liquid eyeliner! So... haha I'm fickle with which eyeliner I actually do love the best. 

The amazing Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, I saw Cheesie from Cheeserland.com doing a review on this. and OH MAI GOD! I LOVE THIS!!! Although I do not yet have any visible wrinkles, but this does a superb job in priming my face. It smoothens out my pores and matifies my face like TTM! I don't get as oily as without this product. I apply this before my BB cream in the morning, after my moisturizer. Give it a try! It's really good!

As you know, I love experimenting with hair colors, and this causes severe damage to my hair, especially the ends, since I tend to bleach and kill it more often than the top. The Reconstruction Mask by Toni&Guy has done wonders for my hair! It has seriously improved the condition of my hair and it looks dramatically improved. Not to say my hair is as healthy as virgin hair, but yeh, it's significantly healthier :D 

 Random shot of my dresser above, and random shots of my hair below. Remember in my previous post how purple my hair looked? Well, yeah this is what it faded to, after about a week? LOL!

See any difference in my eyes in the last two photos??? I recently DIY-ed a RING LIGHT! :D Although I have to admit the craftmanship doesn't look pretty at all, but I think it does the job. I will add more lights on it to make it even brighter. Say Hello to more professional-looking self shots soon! LOL! Ok, after spending almost an hour on this blogpost, I still have to wait another 2-3hrs before Diablo3's server reopens :( KMN!!