June 3, 2012


OMG! I'm so excited I HAVE to share this!!
*totally unrelated to the above picture*

I pledge my undying love to this group!! 
So much so that I MUST & WILL attend their concert
in Singapore on the 28th Sept 2012!
Anyone else going too??

Okay, maybe somewhat related, the reason why I started doing crazy colors
to my hair, is because of my love for TOP! haha! His crazy blue hair, I love!!
Hence, my colorful hair... :)

LOL! So to anyone who's interested in getting crazy ass colors,
Paint Box
they basically come in a range of colors, from neons to more neutral, pastel
colors. I bought these from Hairhouse Warehouse in Melbourne and I think they cost
about $AUD12-18 maybe..but a little goes a long way, so just use a tiny bit, also depending
on the length of your hair. I like to mix the colors to get a different color result.

 No photoshop done, this is the actual color through my camera!
haha I like it really pastel :D

Anyway, I didn't expect to even blog about this =.= I might elaborate this further in the future
but yeh, I don't think anyone would be as crazy as me to experiment with colors.
so, goodnight!