June 17, 2012

Happy Daddy's Day!

To the person I owe my entire life to: My Dearest Daddy!

My appreciation and love and gratitude towards you shouldn't only be displayed or made to you only on days like these. I wish that I could, every single day, be home with you and mommy, showering you guys with care and love and just show how much I really really appreciate every single thing that you guys have done for me.

To my dearest daddy, thank you for always standing by me and being there to encourage me. To encourage me to do the best I can in everything I do. To encourage me to never give up. Even when I was struggling in my architecture degree and have had many episodes where I just wanted to give up, you were always always there, telling me that I just have to do my best and in the end, everything will be alright.

And you were right daddy! I graduated and made it!

Even though I decided to change my career path, you never once said you were disappointed or mad that I just spent like 3years worth of hard-earned money down the drain, you still stood by me and encouraged me to do whatever it is that I was happy and felt would be better for my future. I can't thank you enough for the countless of opportunities that you have provided me with.

Thank You.

My health, my well-being, my personality, the person who I am today, it has all been from your love and care. The happy family that I am so proud and grateful for having or being a part of, I just really have only you and mommy to thank for! The utmost good upbringing and positive attitudes that you have instilled us with. I just want to use the rest of my life to hopefully be able to repay you back, even if it amounts to only just a small portion of what you have done or how you have brought me up.

Thank You.

I owe my life to you daddy! I love you and miss you and home very very much. Every single thing I have or the person I am today, I am grateful and thankful for. I thank you daddy! Thank you! and I miss home :'(

Lots of love from 7hours away from home.

June 15, 2012



So, a few weeks back, I decided to re-color my hair and change a whole new different color. Why? Well, just because I had too much time before my first paper (which I really should have been studying, but I did well in my first paper which I'm really thankful for :D) a whole 12days before my first paper and I decidedly spent the first 4days lazing around and then coming up with new crazy hair ideas to fk up my hair. So yeh, below are the processes in how I achieved my most recent hair color. lol!

Things you would need:
1. Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Extreme Lightener (L1+)
2. Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner
3. Paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale
4. Yellow Hair Colouring Cream in the color 10.21

So yeh, those are the things that you would need. And mind you, my hair has been frequently colored before and especially at the ends, its where most drastic color changes are able to happen. The tops are newly grown out hair, but obviously been dyed over with some hairdye in the past.. So yeh, my hair has been tempered with ALOT! so IF anyone with VIRGIN hair (like literally nothing's been done with it), you're gonna need to do a whole lot more bleaching. LOL! That is if anyone even bothers doing this. This takes sooo many steps and I spanned it out within 4days. haha! 

Firstly, my before shot. I have Ash Brown all over my hair, with purple streaks on the sides, and Purple + Pink + Blue tips at the end. I achieved this really by accident. I mixed my Paintbox colors together and just really let nature take its course. Colors started to fade and turned into really pretty pastel colors :)

Contents inside the Blonde Lightener L1+

I wanted to have different colors at the ends of my hair, and the "fringe" area. I have grown out my bangs and have kept it that way for almost two years now o.O That's the longest I have gone without any hair covering my forehead.

Proceed with slathering on the Blonde Lightener (referred to as BLEACH from now on, cuz that's basically what it is) onto the areas you wish to get super light so that when you put your preferred color on later (pink/purple/blue) it will show up really nicely. Also you could just leave it blonde if that's what you wish to achieve. 

Bleached the "fringe" area and the ends of my hairs as well. As you can see, because I had blue tips on my ends before, as the bleach took its time to develop, my blue tips were turning into a really minty blue. haha! Kinda liked that color, but yeh it didn't stick to that color. LOL My hair color is ALWAYS so UNPREDICTABLE! Eventhough I have a mind set of how it would end up looking, it always ALWAYS goes different to what I expect. 

So this is the AFTER shot. I left my bleach on for a good 50 minutes. Which I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND!! Because after that my hair just got sooo brittle! And it started breaking off at the ends. If you want to bleach, I recommend breaking it down, so maybe first application for 30minutes then wash it off, and bleach again for another 20minutes. That way, it wouldn't damage the hair THAT much...

haha yes, this was taken directly after my shower and I have no eyebrows =.=

AFTER: Color's really yellow and orangey, something I really HATE!! But that just shows the bleach did it job, cuz essentially, us Asian people have really strong yellow/orange undertones. That's why whenever we dye blonde or anything lighter, it will just highlight the yellow tones. 

Give your hair a few days/weeks to rest. Haha obviously I didn't wait that long, The very next day I proceeded in coloring over this hair color (BLEACHED STAGE) with my Yellow Brand colorant in the number 10.21, which says it's a sorta platinum ash blonde color. 

NOTE: like I always say, you should always pick a shade/2shades lighter than the choice of color you actually want to dye. haha makes sense? So I chose the platinum ash blonde, because I wanted my hair to turn ash toned..
YELLOW Hair Colouring Cream (10.21) and the Developer.
The developer is sold separately.

This time, I proceeded in covering my ENTIRE head with this color. Just to touch up the black roots and to make the whole head a more "even" tone. LOL really pointless since I was gonna fk it up with tonnes of colors later anyway. haha but yeh, you get the drift. Dyed the whole head and left it on for 45minutes

Here are the results:

Oh, my hair's really frizzy here after removing my braids. lol NOT because of dyeing it.

Here i've done abiiit of curling on the ends and fringe.

I loveeee how ASH it turned out! :D Really the lightest I have ever gone in my history of colored hair. haha! Notice the ends are a really really pretty ash blonde color! I'd really like to have my whole hair that color, but for that, I'd just do it at the salon to avoid any splotchy-ness at the back of my head. 

I let my hair stay this way for a good 2days before I finally dyed my hair with the colors from Paintbox. As shown in my previous post, I showed you my purple and blue colors. But I achieved the below color by mixing Purple + Blue + Pink. PLUS!! The all important Paintbox Whiter Shade of Pale. This acts as a a toner to tone down the colors and make it less NEON!  And add TONNES of your moisturizing conditioner to protect your hair from further damage and this also helps tone down the colors.

So yeh, into the mixture was about in ratio:

3 : 1 : 2 : 4 : 4

LOL! This is all relative to how much BLUE I added into the mixture. So after adding in that ONE blue, I added 3x of that amount with purple, 2x of that amount with pink, and 4x of that in pale, and 4x of that in conditioner. hahaha understandable?? I didn't measure the amounts, and just mixed it with how I felt. So, just go according to how the color looks after you've mixed everything. 


LOL! I used this picture as a teaser for the previous post, but it has nothing to do with what I was "sneak-peaking" on. well sorta related, but yeh will get to that after my exams :D

And therefore, this is how my hair color looks now. Although it has faded abit, the blue undertones are really showing through right now and most of the purple has faded, making my fringe area look really like a muddy purple sorta color. haha but will re-do my color soon! 

Hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Although I think, most people just scroll through the pictures, like how I normally do with lengthy posts. LOL!! 


If you're wondering where to get the Paintbox colors if you're not in Melbourne, you could always get other alternatives OR check out their website. They provide FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY!!

June 7, 2012

Sneak Peek

haha just a short procrastination from studying...
I can't wait to share some exciting news!
Just a very quick sneak peek 

June 3, 2012


OMG! I'm so excited I HAVE to share this!!
*totally unrelated to the above picture*

I pledge my undying love to this group!! 
So much so that I MUST & WILL attend their concert
in Singapore on the 28th Sept 2012!
Anyone else going too??

Okay, maybe somewhat related, the reason why I started doing crazy colors
to my hair, is because of my love for TOP! haha! His crazy blue hair, I love!!
Hence, my colorful hair... :)

LOL! So to anyone who's interested in getting crazy ass colors,
Paint Box
they basically come in a range of colors, from neons to more neutral, pastel
colors. I bought these from Hairhouse Warehouse in Melbourne and I think they cost
about $AUD12-18 maybe..but a little goes a long way, so just use a tiny bit, also depending
on the length of your hair. I like to mix the colors to get a different color result.

 No photoshop done, this is the actual color through my camera!
haha I like it really pastel :D

Anyway, I didn't expect to even blog about this =.= I might elaborate this further in the future
but yeh, I don't think anyone would be as crazy as me to experiment with colors.
so, goodnight!