May 5, 2012


Day 5
On the way to the Sun Moon Lake, took a pitstop at some resting place. UNLIKE the ones you normally see in Malaysia, these resting places are seriously super beautiful and clean and it's air-conditioned! and NO FLIES flying around everywhere. omg! the stuff they sell there is also superb! Seriously, why does everything in Malaysia fail sooo much in comparison with other countries? :(

Took a boat ride across some huge ass lake known as the Sun Moon Lake. Apparently if you see the lake from an aerial view, it will look both like a shape of a Sun and a Moon, hence the name. The lake is seriously sooo huge you would mistake it for an ocean. haha! Of course I wouldn't know the difference, lol, as long as I do not fall into it, I'd be happy with it being an ocean or a lake or river. I cant swim!!!

Then onto the famous long stairs, I think it's supposed to be an enlightening stairway? With each step u take, there are readings on the steps, which I think, if you start from the bottom and walk all the way to the top, you'd come to understand their history of something and hence come to an enlightenment? haha! I didn't walk the entire stairway anyway, it was tooooo far from the bottom, haha! Too many steps, I would've died. I'm sure!

Lol, can u tell I'm coming up the stairs?

Then onto the Peacock Garden
We were really lucky to be able to see all of them male peacocks showing off their beautiful feathers. It was their mating season. lol! the way they would run up to a female peacock (I do not know the official term for them), and shake out their pretty feathers. They really do literally shake them out, and start making really loud annoying sounds, apparently it's their mating call. haha! They'd run after their desired female peacock and shake em feathers out. lol! really hilarious!

Oh! The peacock with the white feathers, that's like the prettiest peacock ever! But apparently, I think in the peacock world it's considered abnormal and ugly I think? cuz like none of the female peacocks were interested in it :( But it's shoo pwetty! 

And now, Feng Jia Night Market
nothing much to talk about here. Just bought a few more pieces of clothing and ate a few more Taiwanese delicacies.

Had the most disgusting Taiwanese delicacy ever....
the infamous SMELLY TOFU!!!!
It really literally tasted as bad as it smelt! It had the disgusting garbage after taste! ewwww!!! I'm sorry, But I really can NOT appreciate this. My parents were like, "Oh this isn't so bad" while me and my sister were literally choking and trying to prevent ourselves from gagging O.O!!!

Day 6
Went up to the Taipei 101
queued so friggin' long!! Went all the way up to the highest floor only to not be able to see anything because the weather was foggy and cloudy that day =.= seriously, what luck.. but oh well! Atleast I can now say I've been up the second tallest tower in the world.. haha! Now I just wanna go to the Birj Khalifa!! *cue Mission Impossible Music*

While up there, they had this really cute cow cafe serving wonderful shaved ice mango dessert thing. And the cow was actually "letting off steam" lol, literally!

HAHAHA! the stupidly named but cute Taipei 101 mascots!
Know what they're called?? wait for it... wait for it....
lol! U have no idea how enthusiastic the announcer for them sounded.. he was like all hyper and shit, and announcing their names in a super annoying cutesy way.. omg!
but they rlly are very cute. haha! their little hands by the side, like a T-REX!

lol! they're everywhere!!

Shopping at XI MEN DING!!!
nothing much to say here. just shopped and just felt so excited with all the bustling life around me. lol! sooo many young people, made me feel really old :( omg! I wanna be young again. I don't wanna grow! I don't mind growing taller but not old!! hahaha

And now, the cuteness-overload cafe. Even if you aren't a huge fan of it, you'll still feel really cute and happy in the cafe. haha! That is i'm talking about the HELLO KITTY SWEETS CAFE!!!

Unfortunately, I had no idea that you had to book in advance in order to eat there, so i just took pictures of the place and bought all the delicious-looking hello kitty pastries to take away. And like I'm not a huge fan of Hello Kitty or like go crazy over Hello Kitty, but the place is really too adorable! Even my parents were feeling all cutesey over it, well maybe not so much my dad.. haha!

I didn't know what or how these would taste like, I picked them just purely based on their design and cuteness. haha! I must say, they taste better than I had expected.

Then on to dinner at the aptly named Modern Toilet Restaurant

lol, me holding two shit buns..

The food wasn't great at all!
lol! it was just edible, but definitely not a restaurant you'd leave wanting more. Just going there once for the novelty of it and never go back there again. Their dessert was just horrible! It had such a disgusting like plastic-chemical taste. It's very hard to describe.. It's just horrible. ughh..

Headed over to the Shilin Night Market afterwards, but it was raining sooo heavily we just drove past it and saw that it was mostly just selling food and didn't bother going in and headed back to the hotel... yes, my last night in Taiwan, I spent it by returning to the hotel at 8.30pm and just slept =.=

Anyway, the next day was just getting to the airport and flying back to Singapore..
and the very next day? I flew back straight to Melbourne :(
I didn't even get to stay in Malaysia a little while moreeee
haihz, guess I just experienced the ever highly glamorified "living the jet-set lifestlye" 
lol! totally not glamorous at all!