May 7, 2012

My 21st ♥ Part1

Celebrated my 21st last year in December and I'm only updating it noww.. talk about being an efficient blogger =.= I had the most wonderful birthday celebration ever with all my loved ones. Family flew over for graduation and so yay! celebrated together with them along with my friends.
I'm so fortunate and happy to have them, thank you for making my 21st that memorable :)

8th December 12:00am (midnight)
First surprise I got was by my sister and her boyfriend.
Thank you for the most awesome-est ladybug cake! 
(if you can't tell, i was crying. LOL!)

And then, shortly after that, my awesome-est friends surprised me too! My sister kinda spoiled the surprise due to her inability in acting and poor coordination skills.. lol so I knew my friends were already waiting downstairs at the lobby to surprise me. hahaha! 
 Thank you so much guys!!

The next day, had lunch with my family at Coda

 Siblings and I  ♥

Food was extremely delicious but extremely expensive..guess you pay for what you get..

Dinner at Teppanyaki Inn@Collins Street


 Lol, was too full to eat it at the restaurant, so brought it home. The cake tasted extremely sweet!! but only at the top with all that vanilla icing. the bottom half didn't taste that bad. it tasted like a normal vanilla cake. lol, this cake just looks super pretty and cute! 

Next day, had dinner with a few friends and they surprised me again!
ahhh! thank you sooo much! you guys made me smear my eyeliner, and hence the pictures following after, i look really like shit and a total mess. haha! 

Thank you for the cake guys!! 

Karaoke session after that!

And if making me cry at dinner wasn't enough, they surprised me with my birthday present! I am seriously very blessed to have such awesome and wonderful friends!

I look like crap =.=
Thank you all so much. It was an awesome and super sweet birthday for me!

Was gonna update on my full birthday celebration when I started this entry but, I got lazy and shall therefore update the rest in another entry. lol. Onto my Big Bang Theory and very late dinner :(