May 15, 2012

Momsy's Day 2012

I love my momsy to bits.. No amount of time spent with her is enough, eventhough I must admit sometimes my short-temperedness gets the better of me and I'd argue with her :( Everytime I argue with her, I feel extremely terrible after and will regret but somehow, I think it's cuz I know my momsy will never get or stay mad at me, I always take advantage of that. I never truly show her just how much I actually appreciate her or love her and just how very blessed and lucky I am to have her with me. She will never fail to make my favourite foods everytime I'm back home in Malaysia, never once stop loving me no matter how much of a brat I can be, never stopped listening to my problems, never once left my side when I was feeling down and blue. 

She is my superhero, my Wonder Woman!


Mom, I'm sorry I always blame you for my height, but seriously, why am I the only short one out of the rest of us?? Y U NO KEEP TALL GENES FOR ME?! haha all my brothers and sister are tall and definitely not short like me :( But it's alright, because I will forever have my mom to be short with me together. haha! Almost every year since I've come to Melbourne for studies, I have never celebrated Mother's day with you and I really regret it and really wished I could be back home with you.. Hope you like the flowers from Melissa and I. 
(the flowers looks MUCH better on the website than in real life!)

I can't wait to see you when you come over to Melbourne :D
 *mwahhzz* to you momsy!
I love you very very very much!