May 30, 2012

Fav iPhone Apps of May

 1. Instagram
Definitely my favourite app ever!

 2. MeiTuXiuXiu
Have featured this app before a few posts back.
The ability to stitch photos together is just amazing.
Plus the photo filters available are also all really beautiful!
 3. FotoRus
LOL! yes, it's all the same picture because I haven't been out
of my house for a long time, other than to buy food, just been stuck
at home studying and doing my final assignment :(
Anyway, this photo app is really cute, they have multiple frames and you could
either edit photos, or take a snapshot right from the phone, previewing how the frames
would look like. Does it make sense? =.= 

 4. PhotoWonder
This is the product of FotoRus and then PhotoWonder.
PhotoWonder even allows you to liquify your face!! LOL!
You get to make your face/body look slimmer!
Although, I didn't use it in the above pictures ok pleasee...
This is how it would be if I used PhotoWonder to liquify.. LOL!
HAHA! You can even have HUGE eyes! i really feel like going for PS :(

You can even add scenes/frames to your photos. 
This is purely from FotoRus and PhotoWonder.

haha what a serious waste of my time.. I actually spent 2hours
looking through the app store to find these lovely amazing apps.
now, thanks to me, you can just go search and download it!
(if you don't already have them..)

Lol, if you realise, every app here is only about photo editing/camera app.
hahahaha, guess that just validates even further how much of a vainpot I am.
These apps would probably only be useful towards people who are equally as vain as me.
haha :) Hope you found this useful!