May 29, 2012

21st Part2

Finally updating on my officially-legal-age birthday :)
Thank you so much to my family for helping me with everything.
Thank you to everyone who made it and made my birthday so special.
Thank you for everything :'(

My actual birthday, I had celebrated with a day out with my family as blogged here.

Chi Lounge & Karaoke
195 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9662 2688

Liyuan, Sam & CK
(my architecture buddies that I only got to know during the last semester :(
why did I only know you guys so late???)

Dolp, Ivan, Rachel & Melvin (Dom)
Lovely awesome friends I made towards the end of the year. lol!
My lovely family!!




 Nhu-y / Jackie

Adrina, Ashley and Yinn!

Thank you everyone for making it down despite the heavy thunderstorm that night,
shitty weather, but awesome night I still had :D

MunHoong and Rais!
My Old Town peeps :D
Thanks for looking out for me while I was working there! haha


 Yinn, Adrina and Ashley again :))
Love them to bitssss.



 Noel, Rinaldo and Hein!
Thanks for coming down :)

The OldTown peeps!
You guys made my experience at OldTown so much more enjoyable!
Love you guys!

Yinn and Ashley!
The dears :)

I had an awesome time with all of them and no words can express just how grateful and thankful
I felt that night. Seeing all of my lovely friends there with me and my family was just wonderful
and truly a memorable experience. I am glad I have turned 21 and am even more thankful that I got
to spend them with everyone I loved and cherished.

Presents I received from everybody!
Thank you guys soooo much!

Presents from my dearest BFFs!
Kityan and Amy!!!
I love it!


And especially to my dearest and beloved friend, who's miles and miles away from me,
I cannot thank you enough for this. The surprise you had for me and this gift. I could not
believe it, I was totally blown away and lost for words. The only reaction I could do was to cry,
and I cried the moment I saw that it was from you. Not by the gift, but by the fact that it was from you.

I received a call on the morning of my actual birthday by Chanel, saying that I have a present waiting
for me to collect, didn't say who it was from or what it was. I hadn't a clue who it was from and 
had initially thought it was a surprise frm my family, but that was impossible because my family isn't
as creative or even gives much thought on surprises as me. So I headed down to the Chanel boutique
and then the lady comes out with a huge Chanel paper bag, nicely wrapped and everything and then
handed me a card, I opened the card and immediately burst into tears. The lady and everyone
else was stunned and asked, "Oh deary, are those tears of joy?", I didn't know what to answer and
said "yes". In my mind, I really didn't know how or what I felt. It was just a mix of feelings and all
I could do was cry... 

I am very grateful and thankful for having to known you. Eventhough our paths didn't lead down
the same road, you will forever and always will remain dearest in my heart. Wherever you are,
I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I know that you will achieve the best and
become the awesome man I always believed you would.

Thank you.