May 30, 2012

Fav iPhone Apps of May

 1. Instagram
Definitely my favourite app ever!

 2. MeiTuXiuXiu
Have featured this app before a few posts back.
The ability to stitch photos together is just amazing.
Plus the photo filters available are also all really beautiful!
 3. FotoRus
LOL! yes, it's all the same picture because I haven't been out
of my house for a long time, other than to buy food, just been stuck
at home studying and doing my final assignment :(
Anyway, this photo app is really cute, they have multiple frames and you could
either edit photos, or take a snapshot right from the phone, previewing how the frames
would look like. Does it make sense? =.= 

 4. PhotoWonder
This is the product of FotoRus and then PhotoWonder.
PhotoWonder even allows you to liquify your face!! LOL!
You get to make your face/body look slimmer!
Although, I didn't use it in the above pictures ok pleasee...
This is how it would be if I used PhotoWonder to liquify.. LOL!
HAHA! You can even have HUGE eyes! i really feel like going for PS :(

You can even add scenes/frames to your photos. 
This is purely from FotoRus and PhotoWonder.

haha what a serious waste of my time.. I actually spent 2hours
looking through the app store to find these lovely amazing apps.
now, thanks to me, you can just go search and download it!
(if you don't already have them..)

Lol, if you realise, every app here is only about photo editing/camera app.
hahahaha, guess that just validates even further how much of a vainpot I am.
These apps would probably only be useful towards people who are equally as vain as me.
haha :) Hope you found this useful!

May 29, 2012

21st Part2

Finally updating on my officially-legal-age birthday :)
Thank you so much to my family for helping me with everything.
Thank you to everyone who made it and made my birthday so special.
Thank you for everything :'(

My actual birthday, I had celebrated with a day out with my family as blogged here.

Chi Lounge & Karaoke
195 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
(03) 9662 2688

May 15, 2012

Momsy's Day 2012

I love my momsy to bits.. No amount of time spent with her is enough, eventhough I must admit sometimes my short-temperedness gets the better of me and I'd argue with her :( Everytime I argue with her, I feel extremely terrible after and will regret but somehow, I think it's cuz I know my momsy will never get or stay mad at me, I always take advantage of that. I never truly show her just how much I actually appreciate her or love her and just how very blessed and lucky I am to have her with me. She will never fail to make my favourite foods everytime I'm back home in Malaysia, never once stop loving me no matter how much of a brat I can be, never stopped listening to my problems, never once left my side when I was feeling down and blue. 

She is my superhero, my Wonder Woman!


Mom, I'm sorry I always blame you for my height, but seriously, why am I the only short one out of the rest of us?? Y U NO KEEP TALL GENES FOR ME?! haha all my brothers and sister are tall and definitely not short like me :( But it's alright, because I will forever have my mom to be short with me together. haha! Almost every year since I've come to Melbourne for studies, I have never celebrated Mother's day with you and I really regret it and really wished I could be back home with you.. Hope you like the flowers from Melissa and I. 
(the flowers looks MUCH better on the website than in real life!)

I can't wait to see you when you come over to Melbourne :D
 *mwahhzz* to you momsy!
I love you very very very much!

May 9, 2012

"Cry" & "Shake It Out" by the Glee Cast

I'm not really a crazed Glee fan but I recently watched their latest season and I must say their soundtrack is friggin awesome and last week's episode was the best!! The songs sang in that episode was amazing and just emotionally moving. I really can's stand Rachel's character in the movie but I have to admit her voice is wonderful. Definitely in terms of like "power" vocally, definitely Mercedes and Santana hands down! Listen to these songs, I really get the song and, it's just so beautiful to listen to. Listening to these songs while studying is good! haha! 

"Cry" - Glee Cast, made famous by Kelly Clarkson

"Shake It Out" - Glee Cast, made famous by Florence + The Machine

May 7, 2012

My 21st ♥ Part1

Celebrated my 21st last year in December and I'm only updating it noww.. talk about being an efficient blogger =.= I had the most wonderful birthday celebration ever with all my loved ones. Family flew over for graduation and so yay! celebrated together with them along with my friends.
I'm so fortunate and happy to have them, thank you for making my 21st that memorable :)

8th December 12:00am (midnight)
First surprise I got was by my sister and her boyfriend.
Thank you for the most awesome-est ladybug cake! 
(if you can't tell, i was crying. LOL!)

May 5, 2012


Day 5
On the way to the Sun Moon Lake, took a pitstop at some resting place. UNLIKE the ones you normally see in Malaysia, these resting places are seriously super beautiful and clean and it's air-conditioned! and NO FLIES flying around everywhere. omg! the stuff they sell there is also superb! Seriously, why does everything in Malaysia fail sooo much in comparison with other countries? :(

Is it stupid to miss someone that no longer belongs to you? If it is, then call me stupid.

May 3, 2012

TAIWANNN 2012 (Part 1)

TAIWAN 2012!

I know, it's a huge jump from where I should actually update on, but I've been missing my Taiwan trip ever so dearly that I just have to update on it while my memory of it is still fresh. LOL! Although I did complain a lot during the trip because I didn't get to shop enough (more on that later), I genuinely enjoyed the time I got to spend with my family (excluding my brothers as they had work to do :( ).

Was really tiring for me, had to fly from Melbourne - Singapore, and after a night's rest, flew from Singapore - Taiwan the very next day. Arrived in Taoyuan International Airport, and our extremely helpful and funny driver picked us up and to the hotel.. Rested for about an hour and off to the night market. Can't really remember the night market's name, but it was good :D

Clothes bought from the night market. OMG! You have no idea HOWWWW cheap and nice it is to shop in Taiwan! I practically wanted to buy the whole shop, if only I could have stayed there longer!! Everyone that goes to Taiwan, what would you think they're gonna do? SHOP!! But my family ended up following a tour =.= and what we ended up doing was spend 3/4 of our trip in the van driving around the whole entire island...yes we did see a lot of amazing scenery but seriously, I wanted to live in the vibrant, bustling city, not some calming, peaceful, beautiful country side. Haha although I did enjoy the scenery.. ok now I'm just contradicting myself....

moving on...