February 2, 2012

02022012..CNY PT 1

Tuan-yuan-fan :D
Most families I know have their reunion dinners back home where they
cook or steamboat and all family members gather together back at their 
grandparents house. I used to do that too back when we were still very young,
but I can't remember since when, but my family would eat out for our reunion dinner.
I guess its less of a hassle for my aunty and mom to be cooking for all of us.
haha, don't have to clean up too :D simple and easy!!

Wore a traditional cheongsam like finally after sooo many years of not wearing one.
When I was younger, my mom would always buy me cheongsams to wear for the
first day of chinese new year, and I'd always anticipate wearing them. Unfortunately,
once I grew a little older, the desire to wear them decreased till eventually when puberty
kicked in, i started going all body-conscious about everything, so I stopped. Until now!
hahaha, my family had an open house for the first day of CNY and so our family had a theme,
each of us had to wear a traditional costume, so yea, finally have an excuse to wear.
UNFORTUNATELY! I never took a full-body shot of myself wearing it :( epic fail! I remember
to take a full shot of myself everyday, but when I'm wearing the cheongsam, the one dress I'd
only wear once, i forget...dohhh!!!

Headed down to Singapore's Resort World with the parents. Haha, taught my mom how to
play baccarat! LOL!! I got lucky and won $SGD200 but lost it again anyway.. haha gambling
is such a bitch! but yea, I didn't lose or win so got back to my starting capital. haha!

Headed back into Singapore again, this time with the rest of my family. Went to 
Marina Bay Sands just to take a walk and look at all the shops. Intended to get my 
21st birthday present from my dad, *opportunist* LOL!! but didn't see anything I fancied
so dad managed to dodge the bill. hahahah! 

BFF and I headed down to KUALA LUMPUR! Our first solo trip together ever!!
Starting very near, KL, the next time, we're planning to go HK/TAIWAN!! Finally my 
parents are getting a little bit more lenient with me, still protective nonetheless, but I feel
really big now that they actually allow me to go on trips. hahaha will slowly ease my way into
asking them to allow me to go HK/TAIWAN the next time :D Anyway, headed down to KL
for 3nights, flew back to JB right on Sunday morning. It was sooo much fun! But that'll have
to be left to be further elaborated in another entry :) I have soooo many things I have and want
to update on, but the thought of it makes me procrastinate.. It's been left for too long that
it doesn't seem important to update on anymore. lol! but nevertheless, I will do so. Eventually :)

The remaining CNY days I have yet to transfer the pics yet so... will continue another day..
Heading into Singapore tomorrow morning to do my medical examination and x-ray scan
for the renewal of my australian visa. I'm sooo excited to be starting school soon! I can't wait
to get into the new campus and start studying in a whole new environment. No more architecture,
no more drawings, no more building models, and hopefully no more overnighters! I can't believe
how I managed to survive all those 3years slogging my guts out for a course I never really
had an interest in. I have only myself to blame for choosing a path that I least desired and only
bringing to my downfall.. thank god I graduated and am given a second chance to make
a better future for myself. if, IF this fails again, which I seriously hope I wouln't make it happen,
I can always fall back on my architecture degree. LOL! 
so, MASTERS OF MARKETING here I come!!! :D

hahahahahahahaha :D