January 22, 2012


Hope everyone's done their annual CNY shopping and preparations :)
It's always an awesome feeling when you know you're allowed to spend 
on clothes and everything new without the feeling of guilt. LOL!
CNY always is the reason/excuse to have new clothes, new shoes, new bags,
or in my case, extensions! hahaha :D
Been wanting to get them in a longggg time! Not only cuz my hair is short, but
i have naturally very little hair and the extensions adds volume and much much much
needed body to my hair. Dyed my hair darker as well. Now that I've graduated and have
reached the age of 21, I feel i should look a little less young. Although now I do regret dying
it darker, i miss my blonde hair now :( I always want what I cannot have....
Anyways, hope everyone will have a wonderful and prosperous new year!
And most of all, good luck to my future! I will be returning to Australia for further studies,
venturing OUT of my architecture line and into a whole new line... Will talk more about that soon.
But I am really happy for the second chance given to me. I was in such a low point these past
few weeks after my graduation... Almost gave up hope in getting into Masters, and almost 
made the crazy decision of starting all over again with a new bachelor's degree 0.0!!
All is good now :)

With that,

January 20, 2012


The new year brings new journeys, new opportunities, new beginnings
and a new chance.

All will be over soon...