November 4, 2011

Halloween at Andy's

Omg I'm so happy :D I've finally reached a 100 blog followers!
Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and follow my blog,
And to show my gratitude, I might just be having a small giveaway :)
I'll be scouring out for some cute things to be in the giveaway,
so stay tuned!

With that said, I'm having my first paper next Thursday =\
Been camping at the library for the past week studying my ass off and still,
I'm not feeling confident :( I still have less than a week left to study and hopefully
I'll make full use of my time.

To digress further away from the topic of my exams,
here's the updates on the halloween house party at Andy's :D

My pair of wings I stole from my friend :D

Andy's house was extremely awesome!
They went to full lengths for the party and it was definitely worth it!
They had lights, a dj, an emcee and even people attending the drinks
It was really the most spectacular house-party I've ever been to.

 Heehee^^ LiYuan's wearing my pink wig which I wore for my Luka Megurene costume.
She was supposed to be a freaky doll as well, but people just kept coming up to her
asking if she was Nicki Minaj. LOL! 

 Scary JigSaw! and gorgeous flight attendant, sailor and nurse!

 Pumpkin Boy. 
Isn't his costume freaking adorable? It was puffy and you know what?
It was all HANDMADE!! :O

 Dom, and Andy!
The co-host and host of the night!
Really a spectacular party you guys put together!

 Jinx the Starship Trooper guy. lol!

 Eugene in her sexy maid costume!

 Kira, the cute sailor :D

 Rachel, came dressed as a flight attendant with her partner dressed as a pilot.
sooo sweet!!

 Pumpkin boy turned monster?
FYI, he really did break his arm, so nope, that wasn't part of his
costume. I initially thought his arm was part of his get-up. lol!

 The monk

awwww, the whole party was in fact planned for Rachel!
Her boyfriend surprised her at the end with a bouquet of flowers,
getting down on one knee to "propose" to her, to celebrate and announce to
everyone that they were a couple. So super sweet!!
Happy for you Rachel :)

Had the most awesomest time at the party!
Hope you guys had an awesome halloween..
Till next time,
take care