October 31, 2011

Halloween #1 Luka Megurene

Happy Halloween! :D

My 1st Halloween costume/get-up was inspired by Luka Megurene
She is a VOCALOID, and if you don't know what that is, please google..
Everyone didn't know what I was, but I don't blame them cuz firstly, I did not
follow the costume to the tee, nor did I end up using her trademark headpiece :( 
Anyway, the following pics was my first attempt at dressing up as her.

Hair Wig from Ebay
Headgear is also from Ebay
Dress is my own

And this was what I actually wore to the Halloween Event at VIVA

 Dress from Forever New

But after much deliberation, I decided NOT to wear my headpiece and headed
down to VIVA with a wreath headband that I got from Forever New instead.
Kinda regretting my decision since I purposely ordered the headgear from eBay..

 But anyways, I still had fun and I LOVEEE dressing-up!

Next-up, the awesome Halloween House Party at Andy's :D
Till then, 
take care