November 26, 2011


Finally I'm updating :D
Exams ended last Thursday and I feel soooo relieved and happy!
Sad in a way, cuz I'm like no longer an undergraduate student.. And if I fk up my
exam, I won't be able to pursue my masters and will therefore end up as an undergraduate
student with a rather dim future :( 

But, enough with the skepticism... my mama is here!! :D

LOL! I'm realllyyyy loving my Taiga (tiger) shirt that I got from
I even have it in Yellow :D



Mom flew over earlier than the rest of the family together with my aunt, 
just to sort of travel around with my aunt first..

First night, brought them to Sofia's for dinner. Portions were huge as usual
but my spaghetti carbonara was extremely disappointing :( Didn't finish it and I'm sure
I'm NEVER EVER going to order that dish EVER again! 

Second day, brought mama and aunt to Taipan Restaurant@Doncaster for yumchaa..
Melbournians would know that this is THE place for yumcha, but actually in my own opinion,
I actually would just rather go to Sharksfin House in Chinatown for dimsum. It's nearer and the
food is just as good. Cbf driving up all the way to Doncaster just for yumchaa, but oh well..
Food was good anyways..

Brought them over to Westfield Doncaster afterwards for a bit of shopping and just
wandering around the newly built mall which I myself haven't even been to.
Except for that one time that I headed over to the Apple Store to fix my iPhone...

Third day, headed over to Grill'd for breakfast/lunch.. I personally never really liked 
Grill'd, I'd rather just eat mcdonalds or hungry jacks. haha! But since they're tourists...

Bought a lot of new accessories and I find myself picking up a new obsession...
and this time, it's with feathered earrings!! Anything with feathers, I LOVE!
Added bonus that this particular earring (there's only 1side, its not in a pair) it's like
a cuff-ed earring.. Lied to my friend that I pierced my ears. HAHAH! He so bought it!
Super BLONDE! lol :D

Katrina was leaving for Malaysia that day as well, rushed over to Pancake Parlour for another meal
:( NEVER ENDING of EATING! That's holidays for me. eat and sleep and eat and sleep..

Ashley and Katrina :D

The next day, Jo Anne came over for a short stop before her flight back to Singapore.
Met up with her for yumcha (again)! I seriously craved for yumcha sooo badly during the exam
period, but now after my exams are done, I'm having tooo many yumchaa sessions that I'm seriously
getting sick of the food :( please! no more yumcha!!! lol! in a week, i've had dimsum 3times! 

Ashley, and Jo Anne :)

Jo Anne! See you back in Singapore! :D

Headed over for pool after and spent almost 3hours there i think?
lol! Melbourne is so god damn boring that we actually can spend hours playing pool =.=
But i'm not complaining, i just LOVE playing pool. haha! If only it were much more cheaper :(

KOREAN BBQ @GUHNG for dinner :)
Invited Amy along too!

Amy! You should be safely in Malaysia by now.. Can't wait to see you when I get back!
Thank you so much for everything and always being there for me!
Love the graduation bear and the super cutely written and drawn (meme) card :D

Gonna end here.. It's raining like crazy in the city now and it's making me
feel super sleepy... Am probably just gonna go take a nap :D
Have an awesome weekend everyone!

take care.