November 11, 2011


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Couple of days ago, Melbournians were told to stay indoors and look out for a massive storm.
These were the pics taken from my window and it looked like it was the end of the world!
But, the storm was the tamest storm I had ever experienced. Although it looked sooo menacing,
and the rain was heavy, not too heavy that lasted for 3hours, but nothing like how it would rain
back in Malaysia. I was sooo anticipating the rain as I was just so stressed from studying, I just
needed something else to focus my attention to. I got so excited when it finally started pouring.

Had my first paper yesterday (10th) and I must say, I did pretty alright, but not the way I wished
I did. Many of my friends couldn't complete the exam, same goes to me. It was a ridiculously short
time given to us to answer all those 10 long questions. Just another extra 30mins would've helped
ALOT! But, I guess it's alright since I only missed out 1question...Hope I scored in the others..
Next paper on the 16th, back to studying again..... But after that, I'M FREEE! :D
Received my SASA parcel yesterday! along with my other parcel which I am
super excited about!!
Samsung MV800 Infographic @ IFA2011
Received my SAMSUNG MULTIVIEW camera yesterday!! :D
yes yes, I already have many digital cameras, but this is soooooo neat!

Here are the pictures taken with it:

edited using my iPhone

And just a song for this awesome awesome day :)
I am really fascinated by their creativity!
and now those creative guys, are meme-ed!

Please listen to it! it's catchy and I've replayed it countless of times!
ME GUSTAA #trollface
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Have an awesome 11.11.11 and a great weekend!