November 9, 2011

09112011: To the Man I Love The Most!

(the above picture, was taken and directed by me back in 2010 back when the Singapore Flyer just
opened, and everything behind it was still in construction. Love my dad's pose! :D) 

My Daddy Dearest!
 It has been so long since I last celebrate your birthday with you, or even made a
physical card for you all these years since I came over to Melbourne (2007) :(
I miss making all those cards, although I suck at drawing or card-making skills,
I know both you and mommy love receiving them, because u keep them alll up in a box!
This year, there isn't a physical card, but there IS a virtual e-card :D
*if that makes up for anything, please print it out and keep it together with the rest of the cards
that you've kept all these years*

I just can't express how blessed and lucky I am for having such an amazing father!
One that is doting, loving, caring and responsible and not to mention the dedication in taking
care and supporting this family. Everyone always thinks you're a bad-tempered man that's always
scolding others (althought that IS half true...hahahaha) but you still have a softer side, one that
you don't normally show, but when you do, you light up the whole room! 

Just like during that timewhen both you and mommy got on stage to dance the cha-cha 
for the company's annual dinner :D It was the funniest yet the most touching scenes I've seen..
I'm sure everyone else was enjoying and loving the fact that you do have that softer side. 
You are my strict, powerful yet gentle and loving father.
The one I will ALWAYS love and admire!
My inspiration!
From how you managed to have everything that you have from pure perseverance and 
dedication in everything that you do. From supporting your brothers and sisters, 
to supporting and loving us.