November 26, 2011


Finally I'm updating :D
Exams ended last Thursday and I feel soooo relieved and happy!
Sad in a way, cuz I'm like no longer an undergraduate student.. And if I fk up my
exam, I won't be able to pursue my masters and will therefore end up as an undergraduate
student with a rather dim future :( 

But, enough with the skepticism... my mama is here!! :D

LOL! I'm realllyyyy loving my Taiga (tiger) shirt that I got from
I even have it in Yellow :D



Mom flew over earlier than the rest of the family together with my aunt, 
just to sort of travel around with my aunt first..

First night, brought them to Sofia's for dinner. Portions were huge as usual
but my spaghetti carbonara was extremely disappointing :( Didn't finish it and I'm sure
I'm NEVER EVER going to order that dish EVER again! 

November 14, 2011


Thanks for always being there for both me and Melissa when we need advice (legal) but
mostly to Melissa, since she always calls you bout her visa. hahaha!
can't wait to fetch you, Jasper and Daddy from the airport in a few weeks time!
Bring the nice camera up for my graduation!
I know you don't read my blog, but I know mom does, so she'll definitely tell you.
hahaha! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again! You are a great role model to
all of us (jas, mel and me). Never stop being that awesome brother that makes everybody 
laugh and smile with your jokes and charms :D
Love you Kenny!

and on a random note, was going through my old picz while searching for the above pic of me
and my bro, when I came upon my pictures taken on the family's recent trip to Sabah at the start
of this year. Never knew I was THAT thin back then. I mean just comparing to myself, that has
got to be the thinnest I've ever been ever since highschool...
No wonder my dad kept complaining to me that I had chicken legs.
But at that time, I still kept saying I was fat...
NOW I am fat :( 

Back then, I knew I had lost weight, but I could never see that I was so thin to the point that it
did look kinda on the verge of being sickly. I was going through a rough period of my life and
had suffered from stomach flu and I would say just a total lost of appetite. Everyday I only had
ONE meal, not because I wanted to cut down, but just cause I couldn't consume any food at all. 
I hardly ever finish that ONE meal that I have per day. I just couldn't or wanted to eat at all. 
But, eventually, after coming back to Melbourne, the weather, stress and everything else
just made me put back the pounds again. Although I'm glad I'm not like sick or anything now,
but still, NOW I'M SERIOUSLY TOO FAT!!! oh my gosh FML! 
I'm either too fat or too thin.... BODY!! Y U NO MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Last exam this Wednesday! :D

November 11, 2011


Taken from my insta.gram:
click on picture. if you haven't, follow me :)

Couple of days ago, Melbournians were told to stay indoors and look out for a massive storm.
These were the pics taken from my window and it looked like it was the end of the world!
But, the storm was the tamest storm I had ever experienced. Although it looked sooo menacing,
and the rain was heavy, not too heavy that lasted for 3hours, but nothing like how it would rain
back in Malaysia. I was sooo anticipating the rain as I was just so stressed from studying, I just
needed something else to focus my attention to. I got so excited when it finally started pouring.

Had my first paper yesterday (10th) and I must say, I did pretty alright, but not the way I wished
I did. Many of my friends couldn't complete the exam, same goes to me. It was a ridiculously short
time given to us to answer all those 10 long questions. Just another extra 30mins would've helped
ALOT! But, I guess it's alright since I only missed out 1question...Hope I scored in the others..
Next paper on the 16th, back to studying again..... But after that, I'M FREEE! :D
Received my SASA parcel yesterday! along with my other parcel which I am
super excited about!!
Samsung MV800 Infographic @ IFA2011
Received my SAMSUNG MULTIVIEW camera yesterday!! :D
yes yes, I already have many digital cameras, but this is soooooo neat!

Here are the pictures taken with it:

edited using my iPhone

November 9, 2011

09112011: To the Man I Love The Most!

(the above picture, was taken and directed by me back in 2010 back when the Singapore Flyer just
opened, and everything behind it was still in construction. Love my dad's pose! :D) 

My Daddy Dearest!
 It has been so long since I last celebrate your birthday with you, or even made a
physical card for you all these years since I came over to Melbourne (2007) :(
I miss making all those cards, although I suck at drawing or card-making skills,
I know both you and mommy love receiving them, because u keep them alll up in a box!
This year, there isn't a physical card, but there IS a virtual e-card :D
*if that makes up for anything, please print it out and keep it together with the rest of the cards
that you've kept all these years*

I just can't express how blessed and lucky I am for having such an amazing father!
One that is doting, loving, caring and responsible and not to mention the dedication in taking
care and supporting this family. Everyone always thinks you're a bad-tempered man that's always
scolding others (althought that IS half true...hahahaha) but you still have a softer side, one that
you don't normally show, but when you do, you light up the whole room! 

Just like during that timewhen both you and mommy got on stage to dance the cha-cha 
for the company's annual dinner :D It was the funniest yet the most touching scenes I've seen..
I'm sure everyone else was enjoying and loving the fact that you do have that softer side. 
You are my strict, powerful yet gentle and loving father.
The one I will ALWAYS love and admire!
My inspiration!
From how you managed to have everything that you have from pure perseverance and 
dedication in everything that you do. From supporting your brothers and sisters, 
to supporting and loving us.

November 7, 2011

MTV EMA 2011: BIGBANG Wins Worldwide Act! :D

How awesome is that?? They even beat Britney Spears!
I'm so happy! hahahaha
If you do not know, they are my favvvourriteeee kpop band 
not only cause of my absolute adoration(I even made an entry for him here) towards TOP
but also cause of their catchy songs and really meaningful lyrics and 
just their performance everytime on stage just blows me away!

Here's a video of their acceptance/thank you speech!

omg! TOP is just tooooo handsome!! :D
He's the tallest one with the red collared jacket!
Oppa! Saranghaeee :D

Here are the winners from the other categories at the EMAs..
Seriously disappointed that Justin Bieber beat Bruno Mars for Best Male :(
I mean come on! Baby Baby Baby vs Grenade? Definitely BRUNO MARS!!
Stupid beliebers :( 

(taken from

Best Song
Adele, ‘Rolling in the Deep’
Bruno Mars, ‘Grenade’
Jennifer Lopez Feat. Pitbull, ‘On The Floor’
Katy Perry, ‘Firework’
Lady Gaga, ‘Born This Way’

Best Live
Foo Fighters
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Best Pop
Britney Spears
Justin Bieber
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga

Best New
Bruno Mars
Far East Movement
Jessie J
Wiz Khalifa

Best Female
Jennifer Lopez
Katy Perry
Lady Gaga

Best Male
Bruno Mars
David Guetta
Justin Bieber
Kanye West
Best Hip-Hop
Lil Wayne
Jay-Z & Kanye West
Snoop Dogg

Best Rock
Foo Fighters
Linkin Park
Kings of Leon
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Best Video
Adele, ‘Rolling in the Deep’
Beastie Boys, ‘Make Some Noise’
Beyonce, ‘Run The World (Girls)’
Justice, ‘Civilization’
Lady Gaga, ‘Born This Way’

Best Alternative
Arcade Fire
Arctic Monkeys
My Chemical Romance
The Strokes
30 Seconds To Mars

Best Push
Alexis Jordan
Big Time Rush
Bruno Mars
Far East Movement
Jessie J
Katy B
Neon Trees
Theophilus London
Wiz Khalifa
Biggest Fans
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga
Selena Gomez
30 Seconds To Mars
Best World Stage
Arcade Fire
The Black Eyed Peas
Diddy Dirty Money
Enrique Iglesias
Kings of Leon
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
Ozzy Osborne
Snoop Dogg
30 Seconds To Mars

Best UK & Ireland Act
Florence + the Machine
Jessie J

November 6, 2011


Nope, i did not photoshop the color of my lenses..
They were really that color in real life!

Suddenly in love with a song that isn't normally a song you'd hear on a normal basis..
Its a song out of the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, lol!
Enjoy :)

Amy Lee - Sally's Song

Hope you had an awesome weekend


November 4, 2011

Halloween at Andy's

Omg I'm so happy :D I've finally reached a 100 blog followers!
Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and follow my blog,
And to show my gratitude, I might just be having a small giveaway :)
I'll be scouring out for some cute things to be in the giveaway,
so stay tuned!

With that said, I'm having my first paper next Thursday =\
Been camping at the library for the past week studying my ass off and still,
I'm not feeling confident :( I still have less than a week left to study and hopefully
I'll make full use of my time.

To digress further away from the topic of my exams,
here's the updates on the halloween house party at Andy's :D

My pair of wings I stole from my friend :D

Andy's house was extremely awesome!
They went to full lengths for the party and it was definitely worth it!
They had lights, a dj, an emcee and even people attending the drinks
It was really the most spectacular house-party I've ever been to.

 Heehee^^ LiYuan's wearing my pink wig which I wore for my Luka Megurene costume.
She was supposed to be a freaky doll as well, but people just kept coming up to her
asking if she was Nicki Minaj. LOL! 

November 2, 2011

Halloween #2 Freaky Suicidal Doll


Day 2 of my Halloween celebrations, and this was my costume.
Got really inspired by watching countless of youtube videos on "broken doll" make-up
and I decided to go with the makeup from KatyKissbo...

She's sooo pretty~!!
Do check out her youtube channel, her videos and tips are awesome!