October 9, 2011

Vain-assed Post

As the title says, this post is just a compilation of all the self-shots i've accumullated
over this week :D I won't say I'm the prettiest person out there but I do have an
increased level of self-confidence whenever I'm out with my shitload of eyeliner applied on my eyes
and not to mention the pinkish/orangey blush that i have on my cheeks to give me an extra
boost of healthy colour into my skin and appearance. I have alot more to practise on in
perfecting my appearance but, so far I'm happy with it, considering how far i've come
from drawing my eyes that will ultimately smudge and turn me into a panda nearing
the end of the day. I wouldn't say I'm perfectly gorgeous, but I have taken the time to
improve myself. With that being said, I have completely no self-confidence in myself,
when I am WITHOUT makeup. Almost NEVER will you ever find me out and about without
my eyeliner, or even with specs. There are so many things I can find faults with myself 
and feel insecure about, so I just decide to take the extra time to make myself feel better :)
I do believe in natural beauty, but heck, I'm just not that kind of girl that HAS natural beauty.

There are gonna be some shots of me without makeup and with spectacles in this post
only cause I've chosen the "best" i could find amongst the hundreds that I've tried to pose for. 

Lol! I scare myself sometimes :(

 Lol! see the difference? hahahaha
this is embarassingly funny. LOL!

 A more decent-looking me with my bestie Amy!
Met up with her and her mates for dinner and dessert :)

 Lindt's Signature Hot Chocolate (Dark)

 Lindt's Chocolate Fudge Sundae
This is seriously delicious!! The bottom half of the glass isn't just chocolate
ice-cream as we had initially assumed it was. It was actually BROWNIES!!
The entire bottom half of the glass was deliciously warm brownies!!

 Lindt's Strawberry Dips

 [Pixlromatic]-fied and [MeiXiuTuTu]-fied

Finally started on my diet yesterday night.
Kinda late, but, better late than never...Reality hit me when my friend told me
I was getting fat! and also when I stood on the scales :( I only had apples for dinner
and yoghurt for supper. Seriously sooo UNsatisfying, but when I woke up this morning
to a flatter stomach, I felt happy. hahaha. I really can't be bothered going to the gym :(
I'm just so lazy to go to the gym, to sweat it all out. So I'd just take the easy way out and
starve!!! HAHA just kidding. I'm still eating healthy, just a lot less. Like cutting out all those
late night suppers, McDonalds and all those salty fried foods. Gonna go all healthy
and bland :( Torture and Sufferings, here i come...

Decided to make this entry less unappealing by updating on recent events :D

Celebrated Katrina's 21st Birthday on Friday at KBox :)
Lovely times. Just not very enjoyable for me cuz I couldn't sing!
I was still recovering from my sickness that I caught on since Tuesday
but it's totally good now, feeling so much better now. Just a little bit of a cold still,
but no more sore throat. yipee :D

 Lou, Yinn, Katrina, Ashley and Adrina

 Love youuuuuu*

Kisses for the Birthday Girl =)
Don't know if you can tell by the picture but, I'm actually getting into the
sock-in-shoes trend. haha, friends laughed at how ridiculous my socks were
but I still think they look great and cool. Am buying more pairs of socks online
and scouring around town for more adorable ones, different colors and textures :D
It's great for the weather now, plus it also adds comfort to the shoes you're wearing.
Heels don't feel as uncomfortable as before, now with that extra comfort from them socks.

Inspirations from the gorgeous models:
 I want to dye my hair like the color of the model in the middle!
such a pretty pinkish red

 pictures taken from:

Well, this entry turned out surprisingly longer than I expected.
hahaha. Don't think people actually read through all that from the top
and skipped right through to all the pictures. haha, but for those that did,
thank you for taking the time to read :)

Till next time,
take care