October 22, 2011


lol, disregard the mess at the back. It's cleared away now :)

I guess you can tell just how many self-shots I took of myself on the same day.
haha, 3posts, filled with the exact same pictures from the same day. Amazing!

I'm just taking a break (again) from my torture and sufferings. 
Havent stepped foot out of the house since yesterday. No sleep either.
Friends are camping at uni, but I prefer to do my work at the comfort of my own home..
I get to sing out loud while working and sometimes even break into a sudden dance XD
No kidding. I DO just break into a random dance once in a while to release my stress.
haha, sister's kinda used to it, and she'd just sing along to the music and laugh. lol.
Am really glad I live with my sister, she's so supportive and encouraging.

Hope you guys are having a much more happening and awesome weekend than mine...
And to those who went to the Grand Opening of Viva, hope you guys had a great time!
I heard there was a minor setback that caused a slight delay in getting in, don't blame
the organizers though, it was unexpected and yet they handled it very well :)
Apart from that hiccup, I'm glad everyone else still had an enjoyable time.
Thanks for the support for the club :D
I'm proud to announce that next Friday, yet another exciting event!
you know what it is??

Come on down dressed up as scarily/freakily/ugly/pretty as possible and take on a
whole new character other than yourself. Be someone else for a night :D
I'll be there next week, wanna know what I'm dressing up as??
Head on down to VIVA and find me! XD
I'm soooo excited!! My first time celebrating HALLOWEEN!
can't wait can't wait!

Outfit Of The Day
Cropped Jumper from Portmans
Floral Maxi Skirt (belt included) from Aushoplah.com  
 Accessories from Forever21

Have an awesome weekend!