October 20, 2011


Favourite Brand of contact lens?
For me, definitely Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey :D
Actually, I don't really know what to caption for this picture but I just like this picture
cause i can hardly ever ever get a good full-frontal shot of my face without it looking distorted 
haha and I surprisingly look okay here :) hahaha #noshame

Anyways, I find myself very motivated to blog whenever i'm super stressed up with work.
and since i've been going at it for a whole day now, time to take a rest :D
as promised in the previous entry, this is gonna be full on with my face!!
so if you're sick of it, i suggest you to just close the browser. kthxbye!

As I've said before, I took the time to actually test out the different kinds of curls you could
achieve with the curling iron or the flat iron.

Results achieved by the CURLING IRON:

Results achieved by the FLAT IRON:

The Verdict?:
By using the curling iron, the most obvious difference is that the curls are more defined
and hair looks healthy and shiny. The flat iron however gives a more bohemian feel to
the curls, but shine is lost and style is not defined. I personally prefer the flat iron-ed side
as it doesn't look too made-up, it's more of a natural wave style. But that's my opinion..

epic fail in trying to wink smile. how do those gyaru models do it so effortlessly?

Alright, spent enough time online now. Wish I had more of a life :(
 And normally I'm not really into any of Girls' Generation's songs, but I'm really addicted
to their latest single "The Boys". Really catchy and the makeup of the girls, super gorgeous!

SNSD Girls' Generation - The Boys (KOREAN VERSION)

Especially hers! I can't tell the members apart, but I'm guessing this is Taeyoon?
Anyways, off i go now.
Have a wonderful weekend!

and definitely, for those that are still undecided on where to go, head on down to the
Grand Opening of Viva! :D
and mention Michelle's Guestlist for cheaper entry