October 2, 2011

02082011 - 拜金女王 Material Queen


My last holidays as a uni student has finally ended with Monday being the beginning of
the rest of my remaining half of my final semester. gosh! can't believe i'll be finishing uni
and graduating real soon. Exams coming up in roughly about a month and all final assignments
all due very very soon =( reality will be kicking in real soon!
In a few more weeks, i will officially be unemployed!! :O

Anyways, back to less depressing stuff, remember I kept saying i'm just stuck at home
watching dramas online the whole week? seriously this is the reason why i DONT enjoy
watching a drama that hasn't completely aired yet. I hate having to wait for a whole week for
the new episodes to come out :( I like to just watch it one shot, like marathon, continuously!
But having said that, I just can't get enough of this new Taiwanese drama that I'm absolutely obsessed.
I loved Vaness Wu in Autumn's Concerto and now in this drama, omg! even more handsome and cool
plus he's a talented violinist :D so charming! kind! but his character towards the end gets pretty mean :(
If you still don't know what drama I'm talking about, it's the new popular drama
"拜金女王 (Material Queen)"

Not only is the storyline good, even the OST is super nice and catchy.

Their main theme song "Is This All" is sung by Vaness Wu and collaborated with Ryan Tedder!

"有你在" by Vaness Wu

"孩子" by Rachel Liang

"一百萬種親吻" by Rachel Liang

"Knockin" by Vaness Wu

The sacrifices the leading actress did for him, OMG!! If only he knew!!
I'm up to their latest ep which is ep16 now, they have a total of 20episodes and
I can't wait for ep17 to come out next week! :( Why can't they just air it continuously
instead of by weekly....

The other actor in the show, who isn't really the main character, but certainly adds to the drama
is also super handsome! He's like the cold, rich bachelor who actually falls in love with the
main actress, but shows his love through little gestures like lining up for her favourite macarons
sooo sweeet~!!! But he is a badass, cuz he can be seriously very very mean. but he really
loved her :( I think I'm giving away waay too much info for those who have yet to watch it
hahah sorry if i'm spoiling this for you guys. But seriously, go watch it and be obssesed about it!

Oh! and if you didn't know, the main actress, Lynn Hung, is actually Aaron Kwok's girlfriend IRL.
hahaha, she's uber pretty. Remembered her as Ip Man's wife. LOL!

(lol! and i just realised, by the time I post this, it's already past 3am. hahaha)

Oh well, that's all :D
Stayed in tonight, eating pizzas and watching movies with my sister.
Really relaxing and chilling.
Take care!
I hear tomorrow Melbourne will be fine and sunny! YAY!!