September 11, 2011

12092011 [Music: Tyga ft Chris Richardson - Far Away]

Received my colored lenses from finally :D

In my previous entry where I was showing my DollyWink and CandyDoll products,
I forgot to mention where I got them from, well you should really check out this
website. It isn't the cheapest available on the net (i haven't found one yet),
but they do sell relatively cheaper products. Definitely cheaper than what you'd 
get from local stores here in Melbourne =( stupid stores forever jacking up the prices

Well, I ordered 3 pairs, all from the same series, Princess Mimi in 3 different colors
Sesame Grey, Almond Brown & Chocolate Brown
The following pictures were taken using my iPhone, apologies for the quality

Each pair came with a complimentary lens case and a cute cloth bag
for u to store it in. All lenses were bubble wrapped too to prevent 
it from getting damaged

I didn't get to photograph these together with my other dollywink and candydoll products
cuz they were shipped out separately as they were packaged from two different places
hence there was a slight delay upon receiving the lenses,
but nevertheless still arrived to me just days after receiving the first package.

Will do a review on each of them separately. Already did one on the Chocolate Brown here

Been LOVING this app i recently downloaded on my iPhone
thanks to BabyVon for the app recommendation =D

I edited the above picture with PrincessCamera, LabelBox, GeniusCamera and
a chinese-titled app 美图秀秀 (Thanks Babyvon :D)
Just copy and paste it into your search box in the appstore and you'd be able to find it =)
Here are a few pictures edited using the above apps.
It's highly addictive! XP

I'm in love with this new song from Tyga ft Chris Richardson
have a listen :D

Tyga Ft. Chris Richardson - Far Away

the MV is really sad, i actually really almost teared up to this one