September 7, 2011


weeee :) so pretty!
1. Dolly Wink Fake Lashes in No. 4 Feminine Style
2. Dolly Wink Fake Lashes in No. 6 Baby Cute
3. Dolly Wink Long Mascara
4. Candy Doll Cheek Color in Carrot Orange
5. Candy Doll Lip Color in Ramune Pink

Been wanting to try out the CandyDoll blusher in Carrot Orange after seeing
a few beauty bloggers pulling it off really really well..
(don't know if I can pull if off, but spring/summer's coming, so time to
kick the pink cheeks out and in with orange/tan/brown for that
sun-kissed look :D)
Check them beauty blogger's rocking the orange blusher

They really truly can pull almost any color off and still look drop dead gorgeous

I'm so happy my weekend's finally here :D
I know, for most it's still just halfway through the week, but I'm off on Thursdays
and my Friday tute for this week is a non-teaching class (basically self-learn at home)
but yea, I just take it as a holiday, so yeap, my weekends has been brought forward
Got so much lectures to catch up on, went into tutorial today and really realised
I know nothing about what my tutor is talking about :( which is really bad
Enough rambling, just wanted to share a totally different genre of music
 that I'd normally share with you guys :D
If you guys have yet to hear it, do take a listen. It gets kinda boring
towards the end as it's just repeating, but oh my it is catchy

Sierra Leone by Mt Eden Dubstep

That's all from me :)

I lost my ring ='( 
Can't find it anywhere!!