July 20, 2011


Super artistic shot :D

Haha, sorry if you're reading while you're hungry.
i just couldn't resist NOT posting this photo up. 
It's one of my favourite foods ever!! Can hardly find any decent tasting
"kon-low-min" in Melbourne. This is from the corner shop in Taman Pelangi
opposite a school, by the road where the Pasar Malam takes places every Tuesdays.
LOL! I'm sorry, I don't even know the road names =.= 

Been lazing around home a lot and meeting up with friends these past few days.
Nothing much to do here in JB, it's such a boring place, not to mention the fact very dangerous
so my outings are seriously deeply limited due to my extremely protective parents.
but i know they love and care for me very much so no complaints there :)

Besides family, I always love coming home cuz I get to meet up with my BFF!

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Even the camera knows she's the star of my life, it decides to only focus on her.

At some Food Festival at Takashimaya a.k.a Ngee Ann City in Singapore.
Am actually eating a Durian Bun LOL!
Speaking of durians, I've been eating SOOO much durians, I think I'm about to become sick =.=

My hair's getting so annoying right now!
It's at the stage where it's neither too long or too short :(
It's at the awkward-growing-out-stage
Went for a haircut today, but seems like totally no difference at all =.=
but i did tell the stylist to keep the length and not to cut it short and just trim
lol! so i guess no difference at all. oh well~ will wait till it's longer then will give it a good styling.

On side note, I've extended my stay in Malaysia :)
Won't be flying back so early now. Get to spend more time with family n friends :D

Will update more soon.
Sorry for the lack of updates..