July 22, 2011


 *Picture heavy*
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p/s: pictures may cause hunger :P

July 20, 2011


Super artistic shot :D

Haha, sorry if you're reading while you're hungry.
i just couldn't resist NOT posting this photo up. 
It's one of my favourite foods ever!! Can hardly find any decent tasting
"kon-low-min" in Melbourne. This is from the corner shop in Taman Pelangi
opposite a school, by the road where the Pasar Malam takes places every Tuesdays.
LOL! I'm sorry, I don't even know the road names =.= 

Been lazing around home a lot and meeting up with friends these past few days.
Nothing much to do here in JB, it's such a boring place, not to mention the fact very dangerous
so my outings are seriously deeply limited due to my extremely protective parents.
but i know they love and care for me very much so no complaints there :)

Besides family, I always love coming home cuz I get to meet up with my BFF!

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July 11, 2011


First post in Malaysia :)
Sorry I havent been updating frequently,
been very busy with settling my passport and visa stuff.
Rushed to KL the day after i arrived back home, and yet still couldn't get it done
so am gonna head up once again some time this week
hopefully I'll be able to get it done.

In fact, I have to wake up realll early again tomorrow
will try to get my passport done by tmr and then head into Singapore after :D

I apologize for this non-entry entry.
Just finished editing a bunch of picz so here are some narci-shots 
just to keep this blog a tad bit interesting. 

That's all
till I have more time,
have a great week ahead

July 5, 2011


just a quick update
Melbourne was hit by an earthquake!
and just so happened that I woke up early today
and actually experienced it!!

omg! what are the odds?
I don't normally wake up this early,
and when I do, I actually experienced an earthquake
here in melbourne@@

Here's the news that was posted by my friend

And on another random note, 
I know what I want to be on Halloween

*Hatsune Miku!*

The music is totally addivtive!
but lyrics is total crap IMO =.=

Well, gonna brave the crazy weather of Melbourne 
and go out to grab some food.

July 4, 2011

[Review] Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Already did a review on this series of lenses a few entries back (CLICK HERE)
but in the Apple Green. Since then, I have been using this lenses and
am really in love with the color and effect of them.
Brown is much more suiting my hair colour now, and gives a more natural
less made-up look. Rather than the green ones which tend to be
more towards a sultry, serious & sexy look.