June 28, 2011

SASA Haul & CatchOfTheDay

 SASA online is really my online shopping haven
but only for cosmetics, facials products and whatnots.
prices definitely can't beat what I pay for back in Malaysia,
but considering the delivery does arrive to me pretty quick, I'm contented :D

What I got:
2 Attirer Puff Cotton Pads
Dr Jart+ BB Perfect Cream in Black Label
Maybeline's Extreme Lash Stiletto Long Mascara in Black
Dariya's Hair Velcro Pad (the thing to hold your hair in place)
Japanese Brand, Hair-Bob-Maker
Biotherm Traveller's Set in White D Tox Series


 This travelling set has got to be the most useful and worth-the-money set
It contains the facial scrub, an exfoliant, a hydra-lotion, a base+sunscreen and a moisturizer.
I've been using this since I got it in the mail. 
Will post a review of what I think about it after using it for a longer time.

 Dariya Hair Pad.
haha, i bought this cuz i see many many youtube gurus using it
and i was always fascinated by how it actually works.
lol! am impressed because it really does hold the hair in place really well
and doesn't damage or wreck your hairstyle or leaves a mark like it would've if you used a pin

 Bob-Hair-Maker (not it's actual name, but I just call it that)
this is realllly handy! if you know how to clip it in properly.
I used it the other night to a clubbing event,
However, I did not clip it into my hair properly and hence before i even got in the club,
my hair already fell out of the clip and oh well, i just took it out in the end.
lol! but once I get the hang of clipping this properly, i'll be using this to combat
those bad-hair-days when even using a straightener to curl my ends won't help

 Here I was using the Bob-Hair-Maker(BHM)
and before I left the house, the BHM was holding my hair pretty well.
but I didn't clip it in properly and everything dropped at the club :(

 Dr Jart+ BB Cream Black Label
Saw this in one of the Hits&Misses video of StyleSuzi and immediately I had to try it
hahaha, i'm a sucker for BB Creams. I use it almost everyday to hide my dark circles
and definitely around the nose area where it tends to look red. 
I would say it works just as well as other BB creams I've tried. 
but will review this soon as well :D

Maybeline's Extreme Stiletto Long Mascara
My FAVOURITE mascara to date! Its formula is perfect for me, it lengthens
and it really holds the curls, but only when i use an electric eyelash curler.
I don't use the conventional eyelash curler anymore because it just doesn't curl my lashes.
This is a MUST BUY!! I love it :D


Bought a Samsung Digital Camera from the site
haha it's really cheap IMO
$80AUD plus shipping for a digital camera of 14.2mp
that's a pretty good deal :D

 The camera came with an Anti-Scratch cover, the plastic thing u see on the face of the camera
Pretty handy and I must say it does take okay photos, not great but good enough 

Some shots of my favourite camera GF2 using the Samsung Camera

 With Flash

No Flash

Pretty decent photos yea?