May 22, 2011

[Review] Vivian 3-Tone Green Colored Lenses

 Vivian 3-Tone Colored Lenses
They come in 5 different colors:
Brown, Violet, Grey, Green and Blue

I purchased these lenses from AsianStuffShop  
I once did a review on them as well, which u can read by clicking HERE 
 Well, it's been a while since I've purchased new GREEN colored lenses, and saw these kinds and decided to give them a try. This is different from what I normally would buy as these do NOT have the Black Ring around the contact lenses that would give an extremely obvious enlargement.
These tend to give off a more natural look as they're 3-Toned and without those Black rims.
Service, as usual, from AsianStuffShop was amazing and delivery as just as fast as before. 
They're a Melbourne Based contact lens seller but also ships worldwide. 
As I live in Melbourne so maybe that's why I get my lenses real quick.
But either way, their service is amazing and they're always ready to answer any questions
or queries that you have for them.

Enough blabbery, here are pics of me with the lenses.
 All taken under natural sunlight, NO flash

  Product Specifications:
Diameter: 17.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 56%
Material: polymarcon

Comfort: 4/5 
No irritation or dryness even after 6hours of wearing them. I find these to be just as comfortable as my other pair of Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses, which I will be reviewing it soon. 
Color: 5/5  
Very very very true green and the color gives off a very natural green too. I find the fact that it's 3-Toned, that makes it as natural as it looks. Plus it doesn't have the Black Rims.
Enlargement: 3/5
  I rate this lower as personally I prefer those lenses with the Black Ring around it. It just makes the eye look bigger and more obvious. Plus to me, without the Black Ring, it sorta made me look vampire-ish. That's the only downside of it. I will be wearing this out only at night I guess, abit too scary to be worn out in the daylight. hahah
Overall Rating: 12/15 
LOL! I don't know what kind of rating system is that, over 15?
hahaha, but what the heck, that's how I wanted to rate them anyway so just accept it! :)

Anyways, for more info, do check out AsianStuffShop 
Am heading off to dye my hair now to ULTRA VIOLET!

*Disclaimer: This pair of lenses was purchased by myself and is not sponsored. And these are just my own honest opinions on what I feel about this product.