May 16, 2011

Hiatus Broken!

So it's been roughly over 2weeks since my last entry
and soooo many things have happened that I dont even know where or how to start.
lol! Firstly, i've got assignments due this week (week 11) and the week after (week 12)
Am feeling sooo stressed out about it that, running away from it seems to be the way I'm handling it
really stupid because it's gonna kill me even more once i actually do start it.

For instance, I've been partying so hard these 2weeks that it's crazy!
I've never done that before in my life and never thought I would.
Kept giving myself excuses to just run away from everything.

Had an awesome chat with an old friend today, and realised everyone has different sets of problems
and that I am never alone! definitely true!
to all my amazing friends who love me for who I am
and never judging me, no matter how crazy i acted during these past 2weeks of clubbing.
I love you guys!

this is a random rant. 
but just to keep you interested...

 Alright, gonna end it here.
Sleepy and still feeling rather pukish :(