May 22, 2011


Random post
Didn't go out partying this weekend
exams and final presentations just around the corner 
Anyways, still tonnes of photos from Easter yet to be uploaded
have completed so far till Day 3.
enjoy some of them

Day 1:

Day 2:

I just wanna put this up cuz
I'm not wearing any makeup and totally in my pjs

Day 3:

We had a Jacuzzi Pool at the 2nd accommodation!

Now just some random narci-shots that I've accumulated over these
few weeks of non-blogging. hahaha.

my legs! i want them back!! I dont wanna be fat again!! :'(

Assignments are KILLERS!!!
They kill everything!!

just another random song,
(this entire entry is just soooo random!),
that's keeping me awake through these recent all nighters i've been having
I didn't sleep for a total of 45hours since Wednesday till I slept on Saturday morning.


*i will be dying my hair "ultra violet" tomorrow :D*