May 22, 2011

[Review] Vivian 3-Tone Green Colored Lenses

 Vivian 3-Tone Colored Lenses
They come in 5 different colors:
Brown, Violet, Grey, Green and Blue

I purchased these lenses from AsianStuffShop  
I once did a review on them as well, which u can read by clicking HERE 
 Well, it's been a while since I've purchased new GREEN colored lenses, and saw these kinds and decided to give them a try. This is different from what I normally would buy as these do NOT have the Black Ring around the contact lenses that would give an extremely obvious enlargement.
These tend to give off a more natural look as they're 3-Toned and without those Black rims.
Service, as usual, from AsianStuffShop was amazing and delivery as just as fast as before. 
They're a Melbourne Based contact lens seller but also ships worldwide. 
As I live in Melbourne so maybe that's why I get my lenses real quick.
But either way, their service is amazing and they're always ready to answer any questions
or queries that you have for them.

Enough blabbery, here are pics of me with the lenses.
 All taken under natural sunlight, NO flash


Random post
Didn't go out partying this weekend
exams and final presentations just around the corner 
Anyways, still tonnes of photos from Easter yet to be uploaded
have completed so far till Day 3.
enjoy some of them

Day 1:

Day 2:

I just wanna put this up cuz
I'm not wearing any makeup and totally in my pjs

Day 3:

We had a Jacuzzi Pool at the 2nd accommodation!

Now just some random narci-shots that I've accumulated over these
few weeks of non-blogging. hahaha.

my legs! i want them back!! I dont wanna be fat again!! :'(

Assignments are KILLERS!!!
They kill everything!!

just another random song,
(this entire entry is just soooo random!),
that's keeping me awake through these recent all nighters i've been having
I didn't sleep for a total of 45hours since Wednesday till I slept on Saturday morning.


*i will be dying my hair "ultra violet" tomorrow :D*

May 18, 2011


Just some picture updates :)
Headed over to Adrina's 21st Birthday Celebration
(spanned over 3days;
Pre-Bday Clubbing, Actual Birthday Party & The Unofficial After-Party)

First up, Pre-Bday Clubbing @Se7en 

The Birthday Girl!

Ash n Yinn

My suii za bohs!

Etude House BB Bright Cream
SK-II Blusher

Maybeline's 24-hr Gel Liner in Black
Maybeline's Stiletto Lash Extreme Long in Black
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Majorlica Majorca Eyeshadow Quad
Heavy Rotation Eyebrow Gel
Majorlica Majorca Eyebrow Pencil in Ash Brown
Contact Lens Princess Bambi in Apple Green

Canmake Lip Gloss in Color 01

It was a fun-filled night :D
Really enjoyed myself and totally drank all my troubles and stresses away
Probably had a tad bit too much to drink.
I apologize for anything that I did that night. LOL!

Adrina's 21st Birthday Party @Trunk

 If you couldn't tell,
The theme for the night was
 We lookin' nautical enough?

Gwen Ash Yinn

Gwenny :D a.k.a GG!
haha <3

Birthday girl with the cap!

 Her party was awesome! & The decorations were sooo cute
I forgot to take the decoration table, the one holding all the cupcakes and marshmallows,
You can probably see it in the first group picture. At the corner of the pict. 
It was really cute and pretty.
Awesome Party Adrina!! :D

Headed over to Bass Lounge for the Unofficial After-Party
I call it 'unofficial' cuz Adrina wasn't even there with us :(
She had a family outing the next morning so impossible to get drunk n wasted

Anyway, first experience at Bass Lounge was pretty alright.
The club seemed less dodgy than I had expected it to be
and the music played that night was actually really really good!
All the clubbing anthems just kept coming up, but replayed many times
but who's complaining? haha I loved it!

For the first time, I had gone clubbing 2nights in a row
That's a record for me, not something that I'm proud of achieving though
cuz it really takes a toll on your health and body and skin!
Having breakouts now, and body feels very very tired and weak
but nothing a few long hours can't fix :D

Till next time,
Take care peeps!

I'm loving this new song 
Ke$ha ft. Katy Perry - True Love

Kesha ft. Katy Perry – True Love Lyrics

I think about you all the time
One look my knees get weak practically die

So hard to sleep when i’m so close to this dream coming true
True true
How do i tell, tell you

I cant speak
I’m terrified cos if i
Say the wrong thing
You might see how hard im trying
Is this made up or true love
Is this true love
Is this true love

Walk by and i’m a nervous wreck
The way you smell
The way you dress
(so perfect)

My tongue is tired cos i cant
Translate these feelings inside

I cant speak
I’m terrified cos if i
Say the wrong thing
You might see how hard i’m trying
Is this made up or true love
Is this true love
Is this true love

I want to tell you my secrets and tell you everything,
My heart is racing i’m waiting for some time from you
How do i say your too my,
Tell me you feel it too my (true love)
[Kesha - True Love (ft. Katy Perry) Lyrics on]

I cant speak
I’m terrified cos if i
Say the wrong thing
You might see how hard im trying
Is this made up or true love
Is this true love
Is this true love

*the lyrics are just soo cute! can't wait for the MTV to be released

May 16, 2011

Hiatus Broken!

So it's been roughly over 2weeks since my last entry
and soooo many things have happened that I dont even know where or how to start.
lol! Firstly, i've got assignments due this week (week 11) and the week after (week 12)
Am feeling sooo stressed out about it that, running away from it seems to be the way I'm handling it
really stupid because it's gonna kill me even more once i actually do start it.

For instance, I've been partying so hard these 2weeks that it's crazy!
I've never done that before in my life and never thought I would.
Kept giving myself excuses to just run away from everything.

Had an awesome chat with an old friend today, and realised everyone has different sets of problems
and that I am never alone! definitely true!
to all my amazing friends who love me for who I am
and never judging me, no matter how crazy i acted during these past 2weeks of clubbing.
I love you guys!

this is a random rant. 
but just to keep you interested...

 Alright, gonna end it here.
Sleepy and still feeling rather pukish :(


May 1, 2011


Going on a HIATUS!
Assignments all due this week.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.
Will b slogging my ass off to finish it all up
I can do it!

Holidays are over,
Time for STUDY MODE to turn back on!
(quite ironic if you think about it since I'm actually writing this now =.=)

Till I'm back,
do miss me