April 20, 2011

[Review] Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Color VS Palty

I'm officially on my Easter Break tomorrow after my final class!!
And what a way to start my break with me falling SICK!!! 
I've got the startings of a bad sore throat and the comings of flu~
But enough of my whinings, I've been wanting to review these two hair dyes.

A couple of weeks ago, I did an entry about me dying my hair using the Palty. you can see [here]
The effect was nice after the first few washes, but after that everything just went YELLOW!!
I hate my hair turning yellow cuz it just makes your hair look lifeless and orangey and DRY

And so, I decided to dye it once more, using my other bottle of Palty.
This time in the color Jewelry Ash.

It came with a free solid fragrance. Smells like a perfume I used to use. 
can't remember the name though.
Anyways, here's my hair BEFORE

Look at all that unsightly re-growth!!


See the difference????
Probably it's my own hair that's the problem, but there's seriously NO difference at all!
In fact it made my hair more yellow and more orangey and the roots aren't covered at all!

I'd give it a lower rating than before. I rated it 8.5/10 but definitely now it's gone down to a

Palty just did not do it for me I guess :(
So I couldn't stand the color anymore and headed down to the supermarket and bought
the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse hair dye in Light Brown.

What's in the box
I was so sick of the yellowness in my hair I just wanted to get rid of that pigment.
I know the color will definitely NOT turn out like how it is on the box cuz I have asian hair.
I love how easy it is to use this pump form hair dye.
After 30minutes of leave-in time, I rinsed it off and VOILA I have amazing Brunette-ish hair!!

Based solely on the outcome on my OWN hair, here is my rating of this hair dye:
COLOR: 4/5
(it's not the same color on the box, but I LOVE IT!!)
(covers my grey + black hair perfectly!! No patchiness and evenly covers all my previously dyed hair)

This hair dye is awesome! 
If you noticed, in my before photos, there were more than 3colors in my hair.
but after using Schwarzkopf there's only ONE visible color
In comparison with my experience, I'd definitely use this hair dye again
and definitely NO MORE PALTY for me.

It's raining heavily outside now. And I'm feeling super super sick!
I hate this feeling! It's like I know I'm on my holiday but am not gonna enjoy it cuz
i'm sick :(