April 5, 2011

Bread & Butter

from Bread&Butter
Readers from Melbourne, do try this shop out. 
Their strudels are awesome! And they have many more flavors.
I just chose the durian cuz I love durian! haha.
The durian taste is sooo strong! Definitely a must try for durian-lovers!
The bakery also sells many different types of buns. Even the famous "Roti Boy" that
Malaysians/Singaporeans are familar with, they have it! "Roti Boy" is a coffee-type of bun
with tonnes of buttery-taste! It's called Mexican Bun here in Melbourne.
Do try it out!

240 Swanston St, Melbourne

My hair is getting reaaalllyyy yellow :[

I didn't get my pay today :( Supervisor must have forgot about it.
I guess i'll only have it tomorrow at staff meeting or the next time I work, which is Saturday!
Means I can't buy my items on SASA!! ahhh :(
Am soo tired now. Will be taking a nap first, and then assignment again till tomorrow
Uni life is just so mundane. Especially my course! There's no resting period!!
It's weekly assignments all the way throughout the semester!!
On the bright side, easter holidays coming and I'm sooo looking forward to it!!

Luo Zhi Xiang (Show Luo) will be in Melburne tomorrow I think and will be appearing
at BassLounge / BabyFace (I don't know which one) tomorrow night!
I wanna go!! But I've got class the next day and I'm just gonna keep telling myself that
he will NOT turn up at the club..........