April 13, 2011


Just a quick entry before this gets old. haha.

Notice anything different??
*hint: it's in the pictures at the bottom of this entry. LOL*

I think no, cuz nobody noticed it either =.=
But anyway, I'm sooooo stressed out and super tired!
I've been sitting at my desk since afternoon till now trying to come up with some
workable floor plans for my design studio that's due Friday!
and the worst part is, it's worth 40% of the entire subject! AHHHHH
to make things worse, Melbourne Uni just wants to kill us Architecture students cuz tomorrow
I have a 15% test on History of Architecture (Modernism to Post-Modernism)

Bruno Mars is said to be attending Neverland this Saturday for his after party
That is if he's even gonna be there. 
but till that day comes, I have to get through Thursday and Friday first!
time please stop for me to finish my work, and then go super fast during my presentation. lol

Things I've yet to update on that I shall find time to do so once I'm free (after Friday!!!)

Till then
Pray I survive!!