April 5, 2011


What did you do on that day?

I got pranked, TWICE in a span of 15minutes =.=
Nothing too drastic, or physically violent. 
Just simple factual pranks that really got me worried
I'm too gullible!!

Me without make-up :D
Of course still have eyebrows la.
Impossible without eyebrows, I'd look like a friggin ghost XO
but this also cheat one cuz I take under extremely bright settings so look clean.
hahaha :D

Anyway, headed over to Se7en on April Fool's to celebrate a friend's 21st Birthday.
It was an awesome night. The DJ was rocking the house hard with awesome songs!
More on the birthday in another post, for now, I just wanna post this song up
it's friggin awesome!

Steve Aoki & Laidback Luke ft. Lil Jon - Turbulence

I havent blogged in a while, and within these few days, alot has happened that has made me start 
to think alot again. And I really hate it when I'm alone cuz I tend to have this stupid thoughts
running in my head. Music just makes me relax and it calms my anxieties down.

I received a missed call just now by a blocked number, and although it could've been anyone,
I immediately thought it was him. Didn't manage to answer though. Maybe was fated I couldn't answer in time

Anyways, I'm still trying to get the hang of drawing my plans using AutoCAD and UTUBE videos
are seriously helpful! LOL! I know, no one cares cuz nobody needs to use AutoCAD but it is
important to me! It'll be super awesome if I could master it tonight! LOL!
pulling an all-nighter again tonight :(

On a brighter note, working again tomorrow!! and it's PAYDAY :D
Will be expecting to get more this week cuz I clocked in more hours last week.
weee~~ gonna spend it on my SASA items that I've put on hold till my pay. 
Been saving my pay since my first pay (2weeks ago) and havent spent a single cent.