April 30, 2011



Preview of what's to come :D
Had the most awesomest Easter ever

Hope everyone had an awesome Easter too

April 28, 2011


Back from my Easter Trip :D
Had awesome awesome fun!
Lots of things happened, and made me realize alot of things.
Forget my previous entry
I'm happy to be surrounded by people that love me

LOADS of awesome looking pictures to come
thanks to my lovely and extremely talented friends

Back to reality,
I will face it stronger

Updates soon!

April 21, 2011

[Music] MIA - IU

Lost Child / MIA by IU

Uridul damajun sajinuel taewo
hanadul moadum gieoeul jiwo
giman ireona gaya haneun geol
neomu jaralgo innuende
wae nan jujeoango maneunji
*ssodajineun bimureun nal hanchi apdomod bogehae
mora chinuen barameun
danhan geoleumdo modgagehae
byeorang ggeute, seoinneun deushi
nan museowo ddeolgo itjiman
jageun dusoneul moeun naegidonuen hana bboniya
ijenuen nunmulgo naojianha
umeogil himmajo
eobnuen geoddata
uri ibyeori ggumi aneungeol
namu jarago innuende wae nan ggae eonagir binuenji
Ssodajineun bimureun
nal hanchi apdomod bogehae
mora chineun barameun
dan han georeumdo modgagehae
pyeorang ggeute seoineun deushi
nan musawo ddeolgo itjiman
jageun dusoneul moeun naegidoneun hana bboniya
Apeun naega semdo gipeun sangchideuldo
nappeun nalmiwohaneunde
sajineul taego gieogeur jiwodo
nal ijuersu eombnawa
Repeat *
Dorawa~ 2x

Hope you guys enjoy this song as much as I do
I'm off to school in an hours time :(
Final class and I'M ON MY HOLIDAYS!!

//p.s: still super super sick and sore throat's getting worse. shouldn't have drank so much last night

April 20, 2011

[Review] Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Color VS Palty

I'm officially on my Easter Break tomorrow after my final class!!
And what a way to start my break with me falling SICK!!! 
I've got the startings of a bad sore throat and the comings of flu~
But enough of my whinings, I've been wanting to review these two hair dyes.

A couple of weeks ago, I did an entry about me dying my hair using the Palty. you can see [here]
The effect was nice after the first few washes, but after that everything just went YELLOW!!
I hate my hair turning yellow cuz it just makes your hair look lifeless and orangey and DRY

And so, I decided to dye it once more, using my other bottle of Palty.
This time in the color Jewelry Ash.

It came with a free solid fragrance. Smells like a perfume I used to use. 
can't remember the name though.
Anyways, here's my hair BEFORE

Look at all that unsightly re-growth!!


See the difference????
Probably it's my own hair that's the problem, but there's seriously NO difference at all!
In fact it made my hair more yellow and more orangey and the roots aren't covered at all!

I'd give it a lower rating than before. I rated it 8.5/10 but definitely now it's gone down to a

Palty just did not do it for me I guess :(
So I couldn't stand the color anymore and headed down to the supermarket and bought
the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse hair dye in Light Brown.

What's in the box
I was so sick of the yellowness in my hair I just wanted to get rid of that pigment.
I know the color will definitely NOT turn out like how it is on the box cuz I have asian hair.
I love how easy it is to use this pump form hair dye.
After 30minutes of leave-in time, I rinsed it off and VOILA I have amazing Brunette-ish hair!!

Based solely on the outcome on my OWN hair, here is my rating of this hair dye:
COLOR: 4/5
(it's not the same color on the box, but I LOVE IT!!)
(covers my grey + black hair perfectly!! No patchiness and evenly covers all my previously dyed hair)

This hair dye is awesome! 
If you noticed, in my before photos, there were more than 3colors in my hair.
but after using Schwarzkopf there's only ONE visible color
In comparison with my experience, I'd definitely use this hair dye again
and definitely NO MORE PALTY for me.

It's raining heavily outside now. And I'm feeling super super sick!
I hate this feeling! It's like I know I'm on my holiday but am not gonna enjoy it cuz
i'm sick :(


April 19, 2011

[UPDATES] April Fools Night

Finally I have some 'me-time' to just sit back and relax and do my own things
without having to feel guilty about NOT finishing up my assignments
or worse still, rushing for the deadline. I feel sooo free!!!!
(but it's onlt for awhile, cuz I have a 40%essay due the week after Easter
and practically ALL my assignments due after Easter!! XO)
I'm just gonna ignore that fact and continue living in denial :)

April Fool's (1st April 2011)
Headed to school as usual, had the usual presentations as usual.
Headed off to CoconutHouse on Elizabeth Street for dinner with friends
and by 8 headed back home to get ready for friend's birthday celebration.
It was a friend's 21st Birthday Celebration down at Se7en
The club's pretty shit now cuz it's under renovation, but the music was still fking awesome
Trammed down to the venue and actually waited for an hour before the birthday boy arrived =.=
super cold winds!! and we waited for soooo longgg!!
but thank god there wasn't much of a line so once he arrived, we all got in pretty quickly :D

pictures! pictures! pictures!
my outfit/makeup for the night, I've already covered here

Ashley and Me :)

Ashley, Gwen n Me <3

Lou, Ashley, Gwen n Me <3


 Haha, the sort of different quality pictures were taken from Agnes's phone!
I actually seriously loveee the pictures from her phone!
How is it that it's sooo nice????? I'm serious!
I prefer the photos from her phone camera than from my LX-5 =.=

Felicia, Lou, Ashley, Gwen & Aggie :D

Jayson, Ashley, Wayne, Lou & Gwen

Gyn, Lou, Charlie, Joseph, Gwen & Ashley

Astonishingly enough, although it was Gyn's birthday, I did not take a picture with him!
I totally couldn't find him or I was too in love with the music and kept dancing.
The above blurrrry picture is the only decent photo I have of him. LOL!
Happy Birthday Gyn!
(the guy wearing the finger-less gloves :P)

Ashley, Joseph & Jayson

Gwennn <3

The theme of the night (se7en's theme, not Gyn's birthday theme) was Police & Thief.
Borrowed a friend's hat, so no, that hat's not mine.

The end of pictures :D

That night was really enjoyable and I had soo much fun just dancing all my problems away.
Of course alcohol helped alot!
Thanks to those who bought me drinks. LOL!
I never thought I could handle that many shots and thankfully, no disgracing moments
like puking or lying down on the floors. hahaha.
not that i've done that before =\

On other updates, I just received my pay today for last week's work
and I'm super happy! I've got such a huge pay check! i min, to me I think it's huge
hahaha. It's lesser than hundreds so NO DON'T ASK ME FOR ANY TREATS!
heheee =]

If NO ONE could actually see what the hell the difference was,
well it was this!!!
I DYED my hair AGAIN!
lol. old news now though. but still, i'm loving it and it's alot less dark in real life :)

Will review about this in my next entry :)
But I will say I LOVE IT!!

//Photos taken from my iPhone. so I apologize for the shitty quality//

Anyways, I'm working again tomorrow and will be heading to bed now
don't wanna be late again and spoil my arriving-to-work-before-anyone-else-does streak :D
Goodnight peeps!