March 15, 2011

[Review] Palty Hair Dye - Beauty Mauve

Palty Hair Dye in Beauty Mauve

Hi my readers (I'm super happy because my blog stats has significantly increased over these few days of constant updates :D) I WILL be a diligent blogger, and will work on those reviews that I told myself I would do but never got around to do so. Nevertheless, here is my review of the Palty hair dye that I bought from Singapore.

Palty hair dyes are from Japan and can be easily found in Asia countries, not so in other areas, but definitely find-able! just look up Google Search and you'll find EVERYTHING there. haha.
Internet is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G invention :D


As my followers on Twitter would already know
My sister was free last night and finally agreed to help me dye my hair.
My unsightly roots were too unbearable. 
PLUS the fact that I have (embarrassingly so) GREY HAIR!
So not only were my black roots visible, I had tonnes of strands of grey hair
poking out all over the place. I tend to have alot of grey hair
I'm not sure why as I'm not really stressed or anything
and I'm just putting it down purely to genetics!

I still can't figure out how to lessen the blurness taken from my beauty (GF2) whenever I take under low lighting :(
OLD hair color
and the lovely red-polkadot cape came free when I bought Liese's Bubble Hair Dye
So of course everyone knows what's the first thing you gotta do when you want to dye your hair!
Or just anything that you don't mind getting stains on.

Squeeze out all the color from the tube into the mixing bottle and shake shake shake

The dye's great cuz it comes handy with a comb applicator, easy for DIY!
But I still can't get the hang of doing it myself so I just get my sister to do it for me :D

Dye-ing in progression :D

look at how purple+pink it looks! :D
Don't be deceived though. that's not how the color turns out anyway :(
Taken with flash with my beauty (GF2)

Now, after application just wait for the color to develop.
On the box (I assume it's on the box) it says to wait for about 15-20 mins
But I just leave it on longer cuz through experience, everytime i leave it on for the
recommended amount of time and the color doesn't really develop
So (DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS) I just leave it on longer till maybe 45mins or so

45mins or so I rush to the shower to wash it of cuz my head's starting to itch. LOL!
Obviously if your head's starting to hurt or whatever PLEASE wash it off immediately!!

Color turned out NOT like what it shows on the box ( expected =[ )
but the color is very even and covers all my roots and grey hair
which i love :D

enjoy the picz!

LOL! Any difference?? it DOES look a little more pinkish i guess?
Taken with my beauty (GF2) under PURE lighting, NO flash

And these are with FLASH in iAUTO mode

Taken in CUSTOM mode, NO flash

Based solely on the outcome on my OWN hair, here is my rating of this hair dye:
COLOR: 3.5/5
(it doesn't turn out exactly like what it shows on the box, but it definitely has
added a tone of pinkish brown into my hair :D)
(covers my grey + black hair perfectly!!)

I would say I really like this hair dye because for one IT DOESN'T SMELL AS BAD as other hair dyes. In fact, it doesn't smell of ammonia at all! This hair dye really has a fruity smell to it
as described on the back of the box. My hair still feels shiny and smooth to the touch :D

Has anyone else tried Palty Hair Dyes?
Let me know what you think!


lol! it's just my sister's excessively long hair put over my shoulders!
Long hair? Short hair? What'd you think?
(lol, i'm asking alot of questions huh? :P)



Monica said...

You look gorgeous with both short and long hair (:

Michelle said...

thanks girl! :)
i'm loving my short hair now, but am growing it out

x0xcatherine said...

LOL @ your sisters hair omg totally fell for it :P

Michelle said...

@Catherine LOL! I know. haha. she totally placed it on my shoulder and I was like. wah! VERY REAL! haha :D

ShelbyKwang♥ said...

Both also nice! But keep your hair long baa :) since your hair short for so long time edy ;) hahas!!

Michelle said...

haha thank you :D yes i'm growing my hair out now

paperletters said...

Hi! :)
How often will you dye yr hair?

Michelle said...

i think i shouldn't dye so frequently but i do :( this month alone i have dyed it 2times. it's real damaging

paperletters said...

ooh cause it seems like nvr get to see your roots at all xD.
But they look gorgeous!