March 10, 2011


 Pictures that don't need captions 

It's only the 2nd week of uni but already I have 2assignments due next week! :(
I still have my laundry-filled room to clean up, lights around the house that need fixing,
and most importantly my uni timetable keeps swapping around on its own!!
Stop friggin' auto-switching my classes Melbourne Uni!!!

LOL! I'm getting there! almost :P
Weather's been crazy in Melbourne. Nothing new.
Something new to share, my astigmatism is severely getting severe =.= 
I can't even read off the computer screen now. everything's a blurrr!
Anybody know of a cheap optometrist in Melbourne where I can have my eyes checked??

Will be dying my hair using the Palty hairdye this weekend :D
Roots are showing and I can't wait to test it out and review it.
Do check back!

Oh and super disgusting photo coming up
I broke HALF of my toe nail!!!!!

Apologies for the disgusting photo.
Am off to do my homework now :(
I'll leave you with a narci-shot (short form for narcissistic shot) of me


or maybe two :D

(p/s: yes i have a huge pimple on my nose. it is THAT time of the month again :[ )


Miss Shannon Kaitlyn Veronica said...

gosh i cnt get over how awesome is your hair xoxo

she's lovin in pink said...

u had slimed down!C:

Michelle said...

Shannon: oh gosh dearie! your hair is waaay awesome-r than mine is!

Lovin in pink: how can u tell?? XD Your comment just made me super happy! haha :D thank you!