March 21, 2011

[Ramblings] Starbucks :D

Studying and getting work done waaay earlier than the due date is something super satisfying
and a very very good habit to incorporate into your life!
No matter where you do your work, be it home or outside,
as long as you get work done. then it's good!
For me! I know I can NEVER really concentrate back at home
because I just have toooo much distractions at home.
For instance, the comfy sofa that's placed just directly behind my computer desk
where I'd slowly find myself inching nearer and nearer to it for me to take my lovely nap.
hahaha. The point of this is, I just found my passion in doing my work

Hard at work with my assignments :D

This picture looks EXACTLY like the one below it. just darker

There were tonnes of tissues because the previous customer sitting at that table
was a very very sloppy one. There were spills everywhere and I'm guessing
the people working at Starbucks don't have enough time to clean it up 
so hence the huge amount of tissues. haha

Green Tea Frappe!
Never liked it the first time I tried it, but am starting to grow on it
I always order this because I don't know what else to order. lol
but it is delicious anyways. and it's GREEN TEA!
How can anything with GREEN TEA go wrong???

And obviously there are the 'occasional' breaks in between :D
and with a MAC there's definitely time for some photospam! 

Sister and Me, both hardworking and studying :D

On a different note, I got my FIRST PAY today!
hahahahhaha! It was for my first week of work that I only worked for 2days
The amount isn't much, and definitely not enough to treat anyone to dinner
but definitely many cups of teh tariks are granted :D
The satisfaction of getting a 'reward' because of something you worked for is really amazing
I really wanna know why I never started working earlier???!!! 
Anyway, I'm happy