March 20, 2011

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Belated pictures of Amy dearest and her 21st birthday present from Me and KitYan :D
And she loves it and is wearing it everyday!!
yay!!! XD

Love you Amy!!!

Juicy Couture Heart Necklace

Saturday Brunch @Pancake Parlour with Amy Dearest
Planned to wake up at meet Amy by 11am but I WAS LATE! AGAIN!! :(
I feel soooo bad! Everytime when I'm meeting up with anyone I'm always NEVER on time
It's a very bad habit and an annoying trait of mine. I just don't know why i always
waste time just standing there in front of the pile of laundry thinking of what to wear.....

So anyway, I ended up meeting her at 2pm =.=
Met up with her at Pancake Parlour for their famed breakfast
(yes, they serve their breakfast menu from morning till 5pm)
hahaha so luckily we STILL get to eat breakfast even if not at an appropriate breakfast time.
The food is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!
definitely a MUST try
This is what we ordered:

The Country Breakfast
 Two Pancakes
Grilled Mushrooms
Poached Eggs
Served with whipped butter and maple syrup

Buckleberry Pancake
One Buckleberry Pancake
Scrambled Eggs
Served with whipped butter and Maple Syrup

The food is friggin' delicious!!!!
I'm definitely gonna go back for it soon! very soon! :D

Me with the Country Breakfast
And NO! I did not eat all that by myself. 
We ordered two types of breakfast so we could share

Amy dearest with her choice of Buckleberry Pancake

After that fulfilling brunch, headed to the city for some shopping!
Here's a random shot taken by my sister (who joined us along the way)
Just LOOK at that HEIGHT difference!!!
AND yes! I know! :( my clothes were super clashing and WTF that day :(:(:(
Total FML! But whatever la, I headed home after that and changed! hahaha

Met up with friends later on for Freddos and RUMMY!!!
Awesome game that I just learnt!
I'm addicted to it already!

nothing much to talk about anymore but that I'm super hardworking today.
I actually headed to uni to do my assignment that's only due on Thursday!!!
Can you believe it? hahahaha
it's a good habit that I will try my best to keep up