March 14, 2011

[Ramblings] 14032011

Taken in the lift - rushing for my study tour!
Good Morning :D I have no idea why i'm up so early on a no-school day for me. FYI, it's Labour Day today in Melbourne, hence it's a public holiday, but regardless of the holiday or not, it's forever a holiday for me on Monday because I have NO UNI on Mondays :D How awesome is that?

Okay I have the tendency to completely and pointlessly rant on and on without getting a single point across. I guess the only point of this entry is just to insert the narci-shots I had initially wanted to insert in my previous post if not for that stupid Google Cloud Picker shit that pops up everytime I want to Insert Image from my Firefox browser. Am using Safari now and everything seems fine.

Saw this tweet from @RiceBunny (Michelle Phan's Twitter) about a girl from China that resembles a life-sized-blow-up-doll and she really does look like a living doll! Super pretty! Go check her out! Or maybe you've already heard of her.

There are sooo many pretty girls from that website and almost all of them have one thing (or maybe two) in common. They all have either BIG ROUND EYES! or SUPER SMALL SHARP NOSE! Maybe this is what I'd look like IF ONLY i had those two characteristics as well! LOL! Me, Photoshopped into having them that is :D


LOL! What d'you think? I look instantly better yea? HAHAHAHA! Whoah! upon comparison, I seriously look better after PS-ed :( I should seriously consider going for surgery then...... KIDDING :P i won't do that... maybe.. maybe not.. HAHAHA. 

Had a bit of the red-eye cuz of contacts
Lioele Triple Solutions BB Cream
MJ's Blusher

Maybeline's Gel Liner in Black
MJ's Eye Shadow Pallette
Maybeline's Stiletto Lash Mascara
Dolly Wink Falsies (bottom & upper lashes)
Sugar Candy Blue (colored lens)

Eye Brow: 
MJ's Eyebrow Pencil
Heavy Rotation's Eyebrow Mascara in Ash Brown

KIT lipstick in Dream Believer

In the toilet, through a super dirty mirror

Ok, enough narci-shots. 
I'll end this post with my awesomely pretty pretty photo XD


UPDATES: The doll-like girl from China isn't exactly all doll-like according to the internet. Many people started researching up on her and discovered that her pictures were all altered (photoshopped) which caused much controversy to her and bringing a lot of hate and crtics to the girl. It got so bad that she closed down her personal blog :( poor girl. But the internet is a scary place cuz her pictures are still getting circulated around. BUT PS or NO PS I still think she's pretty so I hope she stops getting harassed!


SChin said...

hi, ur eyes look so big and pretty... what brand eyeliner u used?

Michelle said...

Thanks :D
Im using Maybeline's Gel Liner in Black :)

chuchu said...

thanks for reply and sharing~ waiting for ur new post =D

Michelle said...

You're welcome :D
Do stay tuned!
Follow me :)

CHA.LOTTE♥ said...

hi pretty! FYI, the perfect doll look girl was actually a fake one. as in PS-ed.they actually found out the real picx of her and reported on dunno china or tw news.

Michelle said...

hey chalotte :D haha ya! i found that out too and saw her non-PSed picz and she still looks pretty just not as doll-like.
lol! that's why i saw her i went and PS-ed my face too :D