March 16, 2011

[MAKEUP] & [OOTD] 16032011

FOTD (Face of The Day) XD
Maybeline's Gel Liner in Black
Maybeline's Long Lash Stiletto Mascara
Sportsgirl Eye Shadow Palette
Super Nudy Pink Contact Lens

MJ's Eyebrow Pencil
Heavy Rotation's Eyebrow Mascara in Ash Brown

Kanebo BB Cream
Sportsgirl Blusher

Nothing much happened today. Despite the fact that I missed my morning tutorial AGAIN!! :(
But thankfully there's always the replacement tute that I can attend tomorrow :D
Headed to my afternoon class and handed in my assignment for Construction Design.
Not that you'd wanna know or even bother about this kind of boring shit.
So i'll jump straight to vain-ass narci-shots of myself because I personally
love looking at pretty pictures especially if they're taken by an
awesomely awesome camera, for example the Lumix GF2 :D
lol! I know, I just love to self-praise myself :(

Narci-shots taken AFTER I came back from school.
Definitely have no time to take self-shots before school cuz most of the time,
I'd be rushing my ass off to school cuz i'm somehow always, always, always late =.=

My hair looks yellow in this picture because the sunlight is shining
directly on my face!! It isn't that yellow in real life. 
really! it isn't!!

seee? It's pinkish brown again here :D

These shots below were taken when the sun was reflecting off the table mirror
I had infront of me. lol! hence the super DSLR-ish with reflector effect!

People may start to think I'm super vain and narcissistic.
Well, as a matter of fact, I AM ONE :D
I'm not afraid to admit it.
I'm one friggin' vain and narcissistic girl!
and i take a hell of a long time to get ready too, that's why I'm always late..
Cannot help it. I cannot, i repeat, cannot, step out of my house looking like my normal shit self
I must try my best to always make sure I look better than my normal shit self cuz I love feeling better :D

Headed out for dinner with my sister later on.
Went to my workplace to have dinner. Been wanting to try their BAH KU TEH
since I was always serving customers that dish and it smells seriously good!
If you don't follow me on twitter, which you SHOULD!, I've started officially working!
And I work at Old Town Kopitiam on Lt. Bourke St. :D
Do drop by for authentic and delicious Malaysian/Singaporean dishes!!
They also have a shop down at QV but the one on Lt. Bourke is WAAAAY BETTER!!
Know why?
I'm vain, narcissistic AND self-absorbed =.=
But seriously, I prefer the one on Lt. Bourke cuz it smells LESS oily than the one in QV
and they also serve better food than in Qv. That's just my own personal taste so
DON'T quote me on that.

After dinner, we headed over to MYERS (they open everyday till 9pm now) 
MAD HAPPY that they open till so late everyday!! It's just so exciting to see
shops still open at that hour. In melbourne, every friggin' store closes at 6pm =.=
Why la auzzies sooooo lazzyyyy????

Staircase down to MYERS's Basement
But the funny thing is, although it's the ONLY store to be open at 9pm in the city,
NOBODY is even shopping there!!! 
It's totally empty! :O

Hence, we were able to keep on snapping away cuz there was nobody there to judge us!

My sister CANNOT take good pictures, friggin hell keep on making me laugh at her inability to take good pictures.
hahahaha! somemore blame my camera =.=

In the lift.

Outside the lift =.=
self-explanatory i guess. lol

In the fitting room!
OOTD (Outfit of The Day)
Top: Topshop (bought it in Malaysia)
Bottom: Topshop Denim Jeans (also bought in Malaysia)
Shoes: BIG W!!! lol :D
Bangles from Forever New
Necklace from Chanel (birthday present from parents!! :D lovesss)
Bag: Forever New 

Okay. That's all.
I have another assignment to do =.=