March 18, 2011

I am still awake!! :(

I take my sleep for granted :(

When I can sleep, I dont feel sleepy or even tired.
When I can't sleep, I'm fking sleepy!! =.=
 I want to S-L-E-E-P!!
I just want to sleep :(

listening to hard trance songs now to keep myself awake.
Effective way, but never good to rely on it cuz your ears will die very soon...
I dont own alot of hard trance songs.
The one i'm listening to right now is a podcast that was downloaded long ago
but I only discovered it today by accident. lol.
Awesome songs though!

Since this is just a random rant,
shall leave a picture for you readers to know what the next entry's gonna be about :)

Present from my sister when she was in the US.
Crabtree n Evelyn in the US is super cheap!!
 Have been using this hand cream for a couple of days now.
and it's awesome :D

And YES! Another narci-shot of me
but this has a point. 
The pink in my hair can be seen!!! :D
can u see? can u see??

Just another one to make this post look longer and less meaningless..
how the hell do u get rid of ARM FAT?????



Monica said...

hi :) im sorry but can i ask how much is the Lumix GF2? is it good to use?

xoxo,Celeste said...

I also wanna reduce arm fat but lazy to exercise :/

Michelle said...

@Monica: I bought mine for SGD$1120 I think. I wrote it in my previous entries (V-day 2011) you could check that just to be sure :D and i love it! hahaha. i think it's good! :D

@Celeste: haha me too! i lazy to exercise but i want it to just miraculously disappear!